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Desmo360's Playthrough (World 3 & 4)

  • Desmo360
  • 09/24/2013 11:29 PM
Here's world 3 and 4! Similar to last time, I'm going to be posting 1 video per day. However, I would encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, as I've proven that I may not always be able to post a vid to the RMN page on time. Cheers!

Episode #7 - Opposite Day

Levels Played:
3-1 Gabon Plains by Isrieri
3-2 Mr. Burns by halibabica
3-3 Opposite Day by Ratty524
3-4 Shy Guy Desert Raid by DarklordKeinor

Episode #8 - 24 Carrot Gold

Levels Played:
3-5 Mega Mole Mountain by seiromem
3-6 24 Carrot Gold by kentona
3-7 Forest Temple by Deckiller
3-B1 Forest of Cold Silence by masterofmayhem

Episode #9 - Thats Not a Wall

Levels Played:
3-B2 Cloudsdale Sanctuary by pyrodoom
3-8 Mushroom Supernova by nin8halos
4-1 Bridge Over the Horizon by masterofmayhem

Episode #10 - Brickroad Fanboy

Levels Played:
4-2 Mushroom Heights by wildwes
4-3 Ghoulish Ghastly Ghosts by Ratty524
4-4 Flight of the Phanto Koopa by halibabica

Episode #11 - Backin' Up

Levels Played:
4-5 Arid Acropolis by seiromem
4-6 Grave Mistake by DarklordKeinor
4-7 Riveting River Rafting by Isrieri
4-B Backin' Up by kentona

Episode #12 - We're Halfway There

Levels Played:
4-B Backin' Up by kentona
4-8 Persistence of Memory by nin8halos

The adventure continues on another media page!


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To play good at all, I need to cross my arms to play. For me, opposite day would be uncrossing my arms during normal play, my right hand on the right side of my keyboard pressing the arrow keys, and my left hand pressing ASZXC keys(set C to drop item)
Also, here's a trick. If you want to play Mario, but Luigi has an AWESOME power-up, here's a way to give it to Mario:
1.First, make sure there is an item in the item box, that isn't a mushroom. If it's a tanooki suit or hammer suit, it needs to be replaced.
2.Press your drop item key, and switch the power-ups, placing your very powerful power-up in the item box.
3.Get under the Mario box, and before hitting it, press drop item again. When you turn into Mario, the power-up will continue to drop, and you will get Luigi's power-up.
It works with all characters in the direction of Mario/Luigi to Other Character. You obviously can't give other characters extra power-ups from Link, Peach, and Toad since they don't have item boxes.

You missed a hammer brothers suit in the Mega Mole Mountain level, since you didn't know that the buzzy beetle things were bombs. The big block in the ground is a leaf, if you go further though, you get a pipe that sends you to a room with a life and a hammer brothers suit. Watch out though, if you get hit, you will HATE that level. I do. I couldn't live with a hammer brother suit out of that level, and I think I exited it after almost dying by failing with blowing up the blocks multiple times, and with no power-ups. It annoyed the shit out of me.

Are you Russian? For some reason you speak like a Russian. Is it a inside-joke or something?

If you didn't keep dying in the Forest of Cold Silence level you could of gotten to mine. :( Well, next episode I guess. *shrug*
I'm a dog pirate
Lol, you keep saying I'm copying a Solitayre level. Not sure which one. I've been using vines obsessively since I started - around the same time as Soli. I think it's just the vine thing.
If I had to pick who has the best levels, I don't think I could. Everyone really did a fantastic job with this game.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
from Deckiller
Lol, you keep saying I'm copying a Solitayre level. Not sure which one.
I think the level Des is remembering is Piranha Palace from the first RMN Bros. (and All-Stars later). It does bear striking similarities to Shroom Lake and the Forest Temple.
I'm a dog pirate
Either subconscious or incidental, as I've been obsessed with placing vines on levels since that guest level I made for Mario vs. the Moon Base. Probably subconscious since his levels are hawt.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Ghoulish Ghastly Ghost was partly inspired by your ghost house level, Desmo. :)

Oh and I am vehemently against the idea of Brickroad running the next RMN bros, though maybe he could work as a judge.
I was indeed expecting for you to play my level first, Desmo. :P
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
from Ratty524
I am vehemently against the idea of Brickroad running the next RMN bros, though maybe he could work as a judge.

He'd never deign to something like that. Besides, I still have a stranglehold on it anyway. ;P
I would love to run the next RMN Bros. It would be rough, and no one would have fun, but the end result would be a glorious, perfect machine.
I'm enjoying watching series so far. Keep up the good work :D
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