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A drop out Cleric who decided to become a dungeon crawler like her father. She is very careless and doesn’t give a crap about anything but her family. Her goal is treasure, and her passion is MORE TREASURE. She has a kind heart, but misplaced many times and can sometimes hold resentment towards those who get in her way.

A sorceress who seems to be lost in what she really wants. Her goals are to make a living, friends, and maybe love. She is kind, maybe too kind. There seems to be a mystery to her background. Aside from all that she is overly cautious, but charges forward blindly half the time. Also she hates her home town with a passion, why is not yet known…

A fairy like creature called Faylit said to harness the powers of Mana and protector of the Mana Vessels. She is rescued by Tila and begins to follow her around. Not much is known about the mysterious Faylit.