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Dear A Journey's End Fans

To those fans who still hold a place in their hearts for this game, I'm revamping the system from Lands of Lunori and major elements of this game into a new game called, "Era of Mana". I will not post this game info here sadly, but I do live stream on Mixer (18+) and since have longed to come back to game development. It was heart breaking when I was forced to cancel Lands of Lunori and even more crushed when I couldn't fund A Journey's End as well as program limitations slapping me in the face.

As I came to Smile Game Builder during a promotional setup, I longed to get back into my games, rekindle my passion, and move forward once more in my game work.

Since Smile Game Builder has a lot of things RPG Maker has I decided to go back to Lands of Lunori's system roots and try my hand at a 15 year old project now dead, and bring some life into it once more. AJE was like a mini revamp to Lands of Lunori, or more of a step in a new direction, but taking on core features and similar designs. As I wanted to find new ways to get past the loss of Lands of Lunori, and at the time did not want to rebuild the system. Both games hold many features and systems that are a lot alike, and I wish to continue these into this new project.

For those who really want to keep up on any games I make or see them live streamed, you may join me on Youtube / Mixer as I tackle creativity, gaming, and my passion... Game Development!

The game will be 3D btw!

Luv, Ika BakaKu (new name for all online things, yep yep!)

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFEAwD98KTPV4Dmm6A7N6ktxZryRQ4CdQ

Partnered Mixer Channel: (18+ Only due to strong language even adults need adults over!) https://mixer.com/Ika_BakaKu

PS: I was streaming Lands of Lunori content a few times as well as A Journey's End, as I wanted to share what those games meant to me, and I may do so off and on as I rip codes and events out of them to push into the new game!

Progress Report

Progress Report - 2/28/2015

It has been some time since I did one of these, and it is about time I made time for it! There have been a lot of changes to the game thus far I would like to talk about.

First off there is now a tech system being build that allows players to slot techniques. These techs are special and only obtained secretly as they can devastate your enemies. However some are easier to find than others and it is being debated on if we should allow a tech to be obtained at the start of the game or not.

Next there is few new artists now on the project assisting in animations and sound effects. Blinn's Sound Effects are being tailored to A Journey's End, but if you like his sounds your welcome to buy the ones he has made by hand for the masses.

Blinn's AJE SFX Page

Also our sprite animation artist is helping me make poses and animations that will blow you away.

Seems being a Dungeon Crawler is hard work...

Aside from those updates a new weapon has been added to the list! The Scythe, yea one of my favorite weapons! Will be added with techs as well, stay tuned for images once the animations are complete. Another note, weapons are no longer bound by character, each character can use any weapon, you just cant use no weapon sadly... Using no weapon means you want to die lol, if you want to use your fists, equip the claw!

Maps Completed:~~
-Ferorn Plains
-Old Tower
-Terralon Crypt
-Terralon Cave
-Lazrius Forest
-Lazrius Temple

Maps in remake:~~
-Ceculian Plains
-Mt. Draterius

Maps to make:~~

Demo notes:~~

Demo is on hold until all the scripts are ready, which I didn't realize would take so long, but they are so it is my own fault for making everyone think it would be ready by now. However I promised a TRUE Demo, not a half %^* one... ^.^ Aside from scripts and sprite animations, the TRUE Demo is ready, so hang tight a little..or lot longer please, I promise it will be worth it ^.^ It will also be fully voiced!

Progress Report

A Journey's End - New Sprites

I plan to remaster the sprites, and maybe the tiles too, but let's start with the sprites for now.

Left is the new sprite look and right is the old look.

I plan to remaster all the old sprites from 2012 and turn them into the new ones. It will take me time to do, but depending on how long it takes for the TRUE Demo to be released cause of waiting on scripts and voice actors, I may or may not have the new sprites in the Demo!


A Journey's End Demo: Tester List and Needs

Seems my calculations of when the demo would be released was off, I am still waiting on a voice actress and a couple scripts, but hopefully it wont be longer than a month to release the TRUE demo. Although I was told the scripts should be ready within the week, so here is hoping for VERY SOON.

Here is a list of testers so far: Testers still needed for new features...

~General Testers~

~Map Testers~

~Spell Tester~

Testers Needed!!!!

Areas needing testers...

MAC Testers
Linux Testers
Game Pad Testers

Please note if you see your name or plan to test for my game, balancing may be an issue still, because of this it is urged you give all the feed back you can in a notepad text document stating EVERYTHING that is on your mind or you come across. Complaints are noted as well as these help build balance that may not be there once I obtain the new scripts. Mana Essence will be very tricky to balance since it will determine EVERYTHING in game.

So while I await these scripts and voice overs please sign up to test the demo, the areas needing testers are open to all who can fill them, I want as much testing as I can get my hands on, I want this to be perfect, thus why the release has been so far off.


Demo - Need Beta Testers

Demo is almost ready for testing, just collecting the final voice files, music, and scripts.

The demo should be ready either end of this month or early next month for testers, so I would like to get started on compiling some testers, so who is willing to test the TRUE DEMO?

Each tester will have their own area to test, you are welcome to request a section to test... All testers will test story and battle obviously, but some areas need attention more than just a play through.

~~:Areas to Test:~~
-Quests - Make sure all quests are working properly, check the quest log before and after each objective to ensure the log is functioning properly as well.

-Spells - Make sure all spells in the demo are functioning, don't look out of place, and damaging properly. You will also be evaluating the balance of spell damage.

-Items - Ensure that all items, tools, and equipment function properly. If it says resistant to stun but you get stunned, note it, if an item doesn't work when used, note it...etc, etc...

-Maps - Ensure that every single map has all walkable and non walkable sections working properly. If you can't move under something or on a walkable tile, please screen shot it with highlights to verify what map and tile need attention.

-Graphics - Go through everything and ensure all graphics are working properly. Is the water animating right on every map? Is the player animating properly? Are the enemies freezing in battle? etc etc...

Spots open: 3

-Quest Tester: 0
-Spell Tester: 0
-Item Tester: 1
-Maps Tester: 1
-Graphics Tester: 1
-General Tester: 0

Once the demo is completely finished I will contact all who signed up.

If there are any delays all who sign up will be informed...

For more information or to apply you can pm me here or on skype: Kesakitty (Jenna) please leave a message you're for testing or I wont add you...

Progress Report

Progress Report - 8/2/2014

Hello everyone!
Time for another update for A Journey's End...

~~–|Main Progress|–~~

-Balanced Spells
-Balanced Enemies a tad more
-Made 3 Mini Games
-Finished Terralon Cave inside and out
-Finished and updated 2nd boss fight
-Finished Ferorn Cave (Only 1 map anyways)
-Created 2nd Boss Graphics
-Collected Adven’s Voice Overs
-Created new gag weapon
-Created new spells
-Created Rare Weapons Lvl 5
-Created new weapon WHIP for Kesa
-Created Mana Stone (grants 1 random item/equipment)
-Created Couple new Enemies

~~–|Things to do|–~~
-Collect Tila’s Voice Overs
-Collect more Music
-Finish Celia Tileset (Not for Demo)
-Collect 2nd Boss voice overs
-Collect Main Menu Scripts
-Collect Fraya’s voice overs
-Collect More Faces
-Run through Demo Version
-Gather Beta Testers when rest is finished
-Release Demo when rest is done
-Finish the New Website for A Journey’s End

Demo is coming along faster on my end, but I can just bug test and such while I wait for resources from others to be finished. I almost don't want to move forward because it will just confuse me later when getting the demo ready then revamping things back after demo is released...I could make another game project for demo only, but I wanted to do that once it was done completely... I get confused too easily.

Hopefully I will get more feedback when the demo is released to help set me on the right track, cause the lack of feedback now worries me... Having good feedback is awesome, having critical feedback is important, no feedback is scary...

Progress Report

Progress Report - 7/24/2014

Hello it's that time again! A Journey's End Progress Update...Sorry I don't update more often, but I do when I have enough to give a decent update, which is now!

A Boss Fight Video will be added soon, once it finishes processing... ^.^ Oh goody the games first boss fight test video with new graphics and such...

~~–|Main Progress|–~~

-Mana Vessel 1st Fight completed
-Finished Terralon Crypt Dungeon inside and out with most of the story!
-Made a few custom sfx for monsters
-Collected Music from new composer and added it to the game
-Created 2nd and most likely final costume for Tila
-Modified all codes to select proper costume for animations
-Finished Terralon Cave inside and out with most of the story.
-Modified story where you meet Kesa to be more accurate
-Lowered SFX and Music
-Bought Particle Program to make Spells with
-Created new Healing Spell animations
-Added Elfren’s Dialog
-Created Skeleton Monsters
-Collected Facesets for 3 NPCs
-Created Mana Vessel Graphics
-Obtained Cavern Tileset

~~–|Things to do|–~~

-Collect Tila’s Voice Overs
-Collect more Music
-Finish Celia Tileset
-Create Ferorn Cave
-Create/Obtain 2nd Boss graphics
-Update 2nd Boss fight to match story and roles
-Collect 2nd Boss voice overs
-Redo Spell Animations and Functions
-Create Terralon Cave Monsters
-Fix Regen on Mana Vessel Fight (it is not adding state to boss half the time)
-Collect Main Menu Scripts
-Finish the New Website for A Journey’s End

~~::Demo Coming Soon::~~
Yep a new demo will be released soon depending on how fast my resources come in for voice overs and New Menu Script. Maybe in a month or two it should be ready, I hope... The demo will cover the start of the game to the end of dungeon 2 story. Which should be about a few hours of gameplay, not 100% sure since I am still building the dungeon and story and haven't had a whole play through yet.

Once this demo is out the old version demo will be removed...It is bugged and outdated any ways so who needs it.

Progress Report

Progress Report - 5/19/2014

Just posted new images, media, and changed the Characters Page with the new graphics.

OK now for the status update...

~~--|Main Progress|--~~

-Replaced Kesa's Voice Overs
-Finished Old Tower Dungeon Inside and Out with story
-Finished First Boss Fight changes and graphics
-Made a few custom sfx for monsters
-Collected Music from new composer and added it to the game ^.^
-Modified and Updated Combat Graphics for Tila and Kesa
-Organized Bestiary List

~~--|Things to do|--~~
-Collect Tila's Voice Overs
-Finish Terralon Crypt revamping
-Obtain Cavern Tilesets from pixel artist
-Revamp Terralon Cave
-Create Ferorn Cave
-Lower sfx to match music v2 ( :/ this is an annoying one )
-Update 2nd Boss fight to match story and roles
-Create/Obtain 2nd Boss graphics
-Redo Spell Animations and Functions
-Create Skeleton Monster
-Create Terralon Cave Monsters
-Create Mana Vessel graphics
-Add Elfren's Dialog
-Hire someone to do the Main Menu Scripts

So I was thinking of a new menu script and thought maybe this would look unique, ideas? comments? Ignore the FONT, it wont be like that in game if used...

Progress Report

Progress Report - 5/1/2014

So the new graphics are coming along nicely, slowly, but good... Padona has been remade fully now, all that is left is to create tiles and then do the Interior Maps.

Ferorn Plains is mostly remade, was waiting on the new tiles to be made so Old Tower entrance and Terralon Crypt entrance can be added with the remade maps.

New water has been made and added to all maps remade. ^.^

~~--|Other Progress|--~~

-Replaced Mage graphics with custom ones by me.
-Created Kitty graphics
-Replaced Crafting system with a new one
-Made Rosalis to match new maps, sorta blends in ^.^
-Modified the Intro to match the story
-Added more options to the application story quest, there are now 6 possible ways to get your application signed, but you only need 3.
-Added quests in dungeons
-Gave all NPCs names and faces
-Updated the HUD to blend better

~~--|Things to do|--~~

-Get the new graphics for Old Tower
-Get Tina's face made
-Organize Enemy list for the bestiary
-Get a Guide Script made for reading up on tutorials in case players forget how to play.
-Remap Old Tower once graphics come in
-Revamp story in Old Tower, it now has a purpose lol

Since I am very low income my money is very short each month for graphics, music, and scripts so the progress might get slower till I can afford the next parts to continue. This mostly applies to the tile graphics I am paying for. However I will continue to hone my own pixel art talents so things continue to flow when money isnt there.

Ok back to work I go ^.^

Progress Report

Changes to Game

So after a few months of searching I found someone to do the pixel art for me, however I cannot afford everything I need, already hired a composer and a faceset artist....

So I hired myself to do the pixel art... I never tried to do tilesets before, but I feel it turned out rather well. I also did the monsters, which wasnt easy so I may hire someone for that later on.

Current Project:

-Make New HUD
-Redo Ferorn Plains with new tilesets
-Make Padona Tilesets
-Replace Padona Maps
-Make Barrel and animations for breaking
-Make Old Tower Tilesets
-Replace Old Tower Maps

Here is a screenshot of the new look of Ferorn Plains, hope everyone likes it cause it's the best I can do...

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