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Changes to Game

  • Jenna
  • 04/18/2014 06:44 PM
So after a few months of searching I found someone to do the pixel art for me, however I cannot afford everything I need, already hired a composer and a faceset artist....

So I hired myself to do the pixel art... I never tried to do tilesets before, but I feel it turned out rather well. I also did the monsters, which wasnt easy so I may hire someone for that later on.

Current Project:

-Make New HUD
-Redo Ferorn Plains with new tilesets
-Make Padona Tilesets
-Replace Padona Maps
-Make Barrel and animations for breaking
-Make Old Tower Tilesets
-Replace Old Tower Maps

Here is a screenshot of the new look of Ferorn Plains, hope everyone likes it cause it's the best I can do...


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I think you're in the step to the right direction, but I highly recommend redoing the cliffs and change the shading of objects. Learn about pixel shading and form so they can have proper texture and depth! Otherwise it's looking good :3
It's been so long since your last update, and you've been rehashing the game to a far better level with more determined personality. Very worth the wait!

However, her face there seems rather gloomy to me, in contrast to light-hearted mood of the last demo. Too realistic? I can't hate the other stuff of the art, though!
Looks good to me :)

Very nice mapping.
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