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IMPORTANT: This game requires the RPG Maker 2003 software to be installed on the machine it will be played on. I apologize for any inconvenience or bugs, if you have any, please contact me so I can help. A download for RPG Maker 2003 can be found here.

I designed and implemented this game in the last month and a half of my junior year of high school (2011-2012) as a final project for my history course. Now I am rebooting it for the purpose of adding to my portfolio.

The game is arranged like a museum, hearkening back to the educational CD-ROM's I played with when I was a kid (DK Multimedia? Anyone? Okay yeah I was a nerd.) There are three wings: Revolutionary Figures (featuring interview style information on important people to the American Revolutionary War), War Simulation (an admittedly kind of clunky mock up of the war, showing the placement and winners of some of the most important battles in the revolution, kind of like a diorama in a museum), and the Road to Revolution and Constitution (Which details the laws, events, and skirmishes which led up to the War, and the events leading to the creation of the U.S. Constitution). In each room, there is a quiz bank you can use, which consists of True or False, Multiple Choice, and Data Entry questions. Answering these questions correctly gets you points which can be redeemed to play mini-games, and answering the Data Entry Question correctly unlocks the mini-game which corresponds to that wing of the museum. (The third mini-game was cut)

One little feature which I implemented on the insistence of my sister was customization: You can choose your gender and enter your name, so the IRM treats you personally. Also, there are 4 unlock-able outfits for the male and female characters, so you can customize even more.

The original cut is currently available for download, and I am in the process of working on an update which will include the third planned mini-game(which was cut because of time constraints), more unlock-able content from the minigames, a reading room where important documents from the era will be stored for reading (possible), and updated and revised content.

If you download this game and play it, please look for bugs, misspellings, and text which runs off the screen (a tricky bug to catch with this much text). If you are interested in receiving notifications when I release a production update, or eventually the updated version, please subscribe.

I hope you have fun with this very nerdy game, and if you don't...well, hey! You learned something at least.


Latest Blog

Announcement of IRM 1.1

Hey, folks!

I stated in the description of this game that I was actively working on updates to IRM, and I am here to tell you, the first on is underway. I recently posted pictures to this page, holding images of the map and game play (not finalized) for the third mini-game, The Revolutionary Escape. The concept is simple: you are a patriot escaping a British-controlled town. The images I posted are not final versions, the map and game play may end up looking significantly different, but I just wanted to give you an idea of the sort of thing you'll be seeing.

IRM 1.1 will also include bug fixes (if you find any bugs, PLEASE comment) and possibly updates to some graphics. I don't have a tentative release date for 1.1 yet, but I wanted to post this to prove that what I said in the description when I posted this game initially is true: I am working on updates.

If you're interested in playing the update when it comes out, please subscribe to get a notification. Also, if you're interested in my other work, check out my other two current projects: Mors Terrae and Innkeeper's Diaries.

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  • 07/14/2012
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Wow, this looks really good, I've always been interested in the American Revolution and the whole idea of this is very interesting. But it looks like there's an issue with the download, it just links to a website called 'filedropper' (looks as though it's been deleted?)
Still not fixed. Does anyone have this flying around?
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I went looking for this one, no luck.
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