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The little thing, Alfie, wants to see what lies beyond his small world, so he embarks on a quest to discover new places.

The game style is an "Alternative" style, mixing Arcade, RPG, Puzzle, Action and many others...

The gameplay consists in puzzle/action levels, each one with it's own map, arranged inside another linear map... The first impression of the game(especially by looking at the first map) can be way vain, but many already have played and enjoyed the game. It has been launched in November/2006 in other sites, just now it has been launched here.

Special Features:
-A Simple Shooter System
-A DUEL system (Like Legion Saga)
-DASH function
-Some event-contact codings
-Pac-Man like minigames
-Block Puzzles
-"Chasing running things" minigames
-Lots of other minigames

This is my first RM2K game, I hope you enjoy it. Any problems, mail me: gretgorbw@hotmail.com

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