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15 year old Mike Chan lives a very mundane life. He goes to school, goes to work, fights his stepmother. One day while taking on an important task at work, he meets a strange Lion man that only he can see. From there, shenanigans ensure.

Created over 10 years ago as a High School project showing what life was like as the only Asian and one half of the only 3 hispanic students in my school and based on my comics "1001 Tales of Mike Chan." I decided to revive the series and release the Visual Novel that started it all. A sort of coming of age story for a social misfit who never fit in, never really got it and pretty much never really cared. A story that breaks stereotypes, win hearts and reminds us of that loveable loser we all know.

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Background of Mike Chan Rocks Out.

It was my senior year in high school and I recently quit the school paper as the cartoonist after 2 years (Only about 5 of my comics were ever deemed appropriate for use in the paper). My sociology teacher, who was also in charge of the paper, gave me a project to make some kind of project depicting my life as half of the only asian and hispanic students in the school for the class.

At the time, I just finished one of my games, Masamune Episode 2 for RpgMaker 95 and just got my hands on RpgMaker 2k and was itching to try it out. I decided I was going to make a game just so I could get my feet wet with the program to use for Masa Ep 3 (which I never completed.). I decided to use the rejected comics to tell my tale, but which story arc? I decided to start over at the beginning.

I was 15 when I started the strip that I drew mostly in study hall to entertain my friends with at lunch. They usually told about my adventures inside and outside of school. My part time job at the arcade, my awkward love life. Those simple teenage drama themes. The characters starred a young asian/hispanic male by the name of Mike Chan, his maybe imaginary friend Wild George, and his two best friends Slash and Geger. Although George was always appearing in the comics, I never really gave a background story of how him and Mike met, I decided to use the game as the story.

When I was 15, I remember the local Rec center was demolished and a lot of kids protested it to fail. I didn't care at the time, but I thought what if the kids had a chance to save it? That became the main plot of the story. Whoever could save it would have been a hero for ages and young Mike Chan was given the task to save it. Also some of the events that happened in my life that year I used in the game as well such as coming to school high my freshman year, befriending a church girl, the 'Juggalo Revolution,' to name a few.

The best part of the project, my teacher knew of my overactive imagination and told me to go crazy with it as long as it wasn't full of sex and had no violence (Columbine just happened a few years back). So with no censorship, my foul mouth ran wild. A lot of kids used the Asian slander of "chink" a lot around me so I deemed it necessary to use in the game to show that we do get hit with words too. My favorite scene is when I'm talking with my black friend and we throw some words around used in a friendly manner. The class went wild during that part of the presentation.

In the end, despite a lot of grammatical and programming errors I later fixed (most if not all of them I hope) over the years, I got a good amount of praise for it and an A. My teacher thought I was some kind of programming genius despite this being my first ever project on RpgMaker 2k and no one heard of it at the time and I finally got that article printed about it in the school paper. But the thing that won a lot of people over was, despite the original concept of it being about some Asian kid, I didn't make myself out to be some sort of side show attraction by being Asian, I made it out that it was just a normal kid who did stupid things, who had fun, who had problems, smoked here and there but just lived a crazy life.

Also I like to apologize that there wasn't much 'rocking out' in this. Enjoy The 1001 Tales of Mike Chan Vol. 1: Mike Chan Rocks Out.
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So here it is. After just passing around to friends and coworkers over the last 10 years after I graduated from High School, I'm finally publicly releasing this. Why? Because volume 2, an actual RPG I been working on for over 8 years is almost complete and this is a little necessary background on some of the characters.

Hope you all enjoy.
Ahahaha! So, how is the next installment going?
Ahahaha! So, how is the next installment going?

I have Volume 2-1 finished and up for download. I'm playing around with VX-Ace and debating if I'm going to finish up the series on there or not. It's all written out, so hopefully I'll have 2-2 out when I figure where I'm going.
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