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Progress Report

Balthonia Reborn

What the first town might look like if game is redone in RPG Maker MV.

+Better Mapping
+Better Combat
+Better Level Design
+Better Puzzles
+Better Story

Wonder how committed I can get to go all the way with this?


Going back to the beginning

The title screen from the first version.

This is a little trip down memory lane. Back in 2012 I was trying out World of Warcraft. Not even close to ending my 30 day trial I was getting bored. I remembered an X-Play review of a game called RPG Maker for the PSone. I thought to myself “I wonder if I can get that game or a game like that.” After some google searching I was shocked to find a PC version. It had more features, you didn’t need to use a memory card to save on it, and you could share it to more people. So I got out my credit card and decided to buy the newest version, RPG Maker VX Ace.

What happened to those trees?

I had recently been very interested in creative writing. I had written a 200+ page story called Dragon Lancer. I thought this would be a great story to base my first game on. I released this game on RMN on January 12, 2013. And oh boy did I think my game was great and was going to shock the world. (Dragon Lancer is also advertised on the VX Ace forums, which is now called RPG Maker Central: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/10808-dragon-lancer/ )

Some interesting eventing.

When I was creating Dragon Lancer I really didn’t know what I was doing. Most of my events were trial and error. I ended up using a lot of key items to trigger event pages and many of my events work in very strange ways. The mapping was basic RTP and not very good at that. And the encounter rate… Oh my god… Is it ever high. The dungeons are very plain and basic. Most things are triggered by walking over switches.

Deckiller approved this game! (And I'm glad he did.)

For some reason or another Dragon Lancer is still going strong. With over 1400 downloads in total, 15 subscribers, and 1 review it's actually doing better than some of my newer and better games. With all it's obvious flaws there still seem to people out there that enjoy this game and play it today. Thanks for playing my game everyone!


Dragon Lancer - Version 2.0

Due to popular demand and thousands of requests....
Dragon Lancer - Version 2.0 is now available.

What major things does this include?
+New Title Screen and Game Over Screen.
+Change the difficulty from within the menu.
+A new area that can be accessed after beating the game.

Minor Changes?
+Raised the encounter rate in many areas.
+Can only purchase one key item, instead of 99.
+Window colour changed to black.
+Direction Fixes on chests.
+Event where you steal money also gives you items.
+Wall fixes in the third crypt.
+Transfer fix after fighting dragon in Balthonia.
+A total event redo for the Balthonia special scene.
+Shadowing against walls has been fixed.
+Other eventing and spelling mistakes.

Note: There are still many events that are not clean, but should cause no issues with gameplay.

Should you download this?

If you have played Dragon Lancer before and didn't like it this won't change your mind. The maps still suck and the story hasn't changed.

What about Giadon Saga?

Yes! I plan on doing a major overhaul of Giadon Saga next.

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