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Taking place 5 years after the events of Mike Chan Rocks Out. Mike is finding himself awaking to a reoccuring dream of a woman telling him she will meet him again. To make matters worse, he's working a dead end job and still seeing and talking to George, the lion man that only he can see. After deciding to change his life for the better, his world gets turned upside down as his job is attacked by supernatural entities.

After the attack, Mike awakens in a strange world full of monsters, demons, angels and a mysterious crimson sky. He embarks on a journey to discover the meaning behind the crimson sky, the story behind his dream, why he is in this strange new world and finding the way back to his. On his journey he's going to encounter many strangers that will serve him as allies or enemies. The question is, who should he trust?

From the 1001 Tales of Mike Chan. Volume II: Under the Crimson Sky Part 1 .

  • Classic RpgMaker 2k3 battle system

  • Large Cast of Characters

  • Many side quest for added hours of play

  • Hidden Skills

  • Soundtrack from Bayside, Bad Religion, Escape the Fate, Metallica, Symphony X, and more

Volume 1: Mike Chan Rocks Out (here)

Latest Blog

Part 2 details!

So I'm going to skip the whole 1.5 and will go straight to part 2. Part 2 will be done on RpgMaker VX Ace. I am going to have to redo a ton of the character artwork since doubling the size for most of the portraits really killed the quality.

I am also writing and developing another game called Ale House Seven. It will help me in trying things out and learning the program better. Hopefully part 2 doesn't take 8 years to make like part 1 did.

Also if anyone would like to do a review of Part 1, that would be awesome! I'm open to feedback and criticism. It's healthy and it will help me make the ending that we all deserve.

Happy Gaming!

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Right off the bat and I know tastes are different; but the number of words like fuck and shit within the first several sentences is like a game with too high an encounter rate.
Maybe it is supposed to set the characters in place and show how cool they are. Plus we are almost immediately informed the main character probably needs to get laid.
To be fair perhaps its just the beginning and things even out and I am jumping the gun, but the opening scenes usually are a fair sense of how things will progress and even though I am far from being a prude, it seems too cocky and self sure of itself and doesnt draw me in at all.
Other than this, I do believe it might be an interesting little game.
Im in the city of Punky,great game so far,but why u killed Kain?:(
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