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Part 2 details!

So I'm going to skip the whole 1.5 and will go straight to part 2. Part 2 will be done on RpgMaker VX Ace. I am going to have to redo a ton of the character artwork since doubling the size for most of the portraits really killed the quality.

I am also writing and developing another game called Ale House Seven. It will help me in trying things out and learning the program better. Hopefully part 2 doesn't take 8 years to make like part 1 did.

Also if anyone would like to do a review of Part 1, that would be awesome! I'm open to feedback and criticism. It's healthy and it will help me make the ending that we all deserve.

Happy Gaming!



News for Part 2 and Inbetween

One of my biggest problems for part 1 was how cluttered it was. It was full of 4 years of files that I didn't know if I used or not when importing old scenes to the new and too many events and script to go back and change it. It was primarily laziness in my part. At the end of the day, I ended up with a massive 100mb upload that was possibly full of stuff that didn't need to be in there but I kept because of safe keeping. When you worked on a game for 4 years that was constantly redone and mashed together from other incarnations of the game, it gets a little messy.

Then the decision came with how am I going to do part 2? At first I was planning on just adding on to the same file of part 1 to make a massive game. However, the clutter was out of control and not to my liking and I decided I wanted to have a fresh start for part 2. I made the decision to have part 2 to be a stand alone game. I'm going to fix skills, add more, better the artwork and animations. I may even decide to put it out on VX Ace if I ever get it and play around with it once I get the storyboards done. I know some of you will hate me for it as you made great progress with part 1 and would love to see your characters imported in it and I do apologize, but I do want to make a cleaner gaming experience for you all.

As I'm writing part 2, I'm going to release part 1.5. A canon side game that involves the team of Mike, Katie, Owl and Shriek on their journey to Gahanna aboard the Century Eagle. It's no surprise that my game is anime inspired. I always hated filler episodes and movies that have no business being made. I promise this one will provide a minor plot that is involved for the characters and their development. Also it gives me a chance to try out a few new things on a fresh canvas. It's going to be a summer project and I hope to have it finished by early fall.

I also like to thank the people who left me feedback. It was very encouraging to me to put off other projects and come back to this. I hope part 1.5 will keep you guys entertained till news of part 2 come around.

Thank you all,

Alex Gomes


Under the Crimson Sky part 1 RELEASED!

The game is now available for download! I didn't put in that Goonie inspired side quest but I may add it in a future update someday.

I think I hit all the bugs. If there are any, please let me know ASAP. I'll compile a list of what I missed and fix them in future updates.

I just want to thank you all for playing. It's been a long couple of years putting this together.


Progress Report


My beta run is complete. I'm going to add in a few more skills, animations, and a Goonies inspired sidequest. Then I'm going to work on credits and wait for artwork and if all is going according to plan it might be finished before my initial release date.

Progress Report

First Blog In!

So after working on this off and on, scrapping and redoing, for over 8 years, I'm finally almost finished with the first half of Under the Crimson Sky! The main game is pretty much complete, I'm just test running and fixing minor bugs here and there and then waiting on a friend to finish the official artwork for it. I will make more updates in the coming days and weeks!
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