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Main Characters

Name: Mike Chan
Age: 20
The hero of our story. The day began as any other day for Mike where his reoccuring dream takes place. However the dream was different this day and little did he know it was a warning and foreshadowing to the events that would forever change what was left of his life.

Name: George
Age: Unknown
Mike's maybe imaginary friend and sidekick. George has been with him for 5 years telling him he was destined for something great. George is unable to interpret Mike's dream and just think it's some kind of delusion. However, George is holding a lot back from his friend that only time will reveal.

Name: Katie Kenkaye
Age: 22
Katie is a former professional demon hunter and was considered one of the best in her time. After a mysterious event taking place 2 years ago, she retired and became a slumlord for the Shilliard Apartments in the Cincy Dome. However, meeting Mike may just be what she needs to get back in the game.

Name: Shriek
Age: 19
Shriek is an apprentice blacksmith and a part time cashier at Fat Burger. Once a soft spoken young man, he now yells everything he says which ruins any sneak attacks the party may come up with. He is usually very cheerful despite being put down by Katie, whom the two have some kind of connection about in the past.

Name: Bob Hordowski aka Mr. Owl
Age: 25
Owl was born with the rare gift to use many different elements of magic where he was successfully trained in each in high school. However, being born a half demon he was unable to join the UHR or the guardian inspectors. Owl became a chef at Fat Burger and immediately rose to head executive chef. A pessimist by nature, Owl is often the voice of reason and negativity in the group.

Name: Punky Gelb
Age: 17
Punky is a tough talking gelb, a breed of earth elemental half demons the size of garden gnomes. He never backs down from a fight and his mouth often gets him in trouble. Not knowing fear, he will fight an opponent 3x his size.

Regional Guardian Inspector Service (RGIS)
The RGIS are a group of mercenaries hired by the United Human Republic (UHR) to protect the regions from invaders or demon threats. Their headquarters are in forts built in cities, domes, and out in the wilderness which provide a safe haven for travelers.

Name: Lucretia Blue
Age: 48
Lucretia is the director of Fort 37 and the oversees RGIS forces in the Cincy Dome. She is a skilled swordswoman and quite adept in magic. She puts the interest of the RGIS above all and will do what she needs to do to maintain an operating force.

Name: The Incredible Benz
Age: 48
The Incredible Benz is the pride of the RGIS after serving in many major battles since the 70s. He is a saintricon and one of the most powerful humans in the world. He fought alongside Lucretia for many years and has advanced to the rank of general where he leads many special forces missions. Although he could barely speak in his saintricon form, many people can understand his grunts after awhile and believe a form of telepathy is part of his powers.

Name: Tara Palick
Age: 20
Tara took a promotion to captain after giving up the luxurious life of a region 2 guardian and transferring to region 3. She is not trusting of saintricons and hates angels and half-demons, a prejudice many region 2's have. She is a good marksman and is able to dish out orders in tough situations.

Name: Ben Irvine
Age: 19
Ben is a rookie to the RGIS. He scored top marks and got him in to the special forces unit alongside the Incredible Benz. He is often tasked of watching the front door when he's not on a mission.


Name: Lucifer
Age: Over 30,000,000,000 years old.
Lucifer is the last living of the 4 original cherubs. He was the former high general of the angelic army till him and his followers were cast out. From there, he invaded Gehanna and became the Devil, king of the lands of Gehanna and ruler of the Satans. He is somehow connected to Mike and gaining an audience with him will soon become the party's goal.

Name: Belphegor
Age: Unknown
Belphegor is a fallen angel and the founder of the Ariachne. A large group of well known assassins and hitmen. He takes a personal interest in the group after they take out a number of his assassins.

Name: Haniel
Age: Unknown
A former Throne and contender to ride the pale horse, he gave it up and joined Lucifer's rebellion. After the rebellion he joined with Belphegor to lead the Ariachne. He does not harbor hatred to humans like many angels do and tends to hate his own kind more.

Name: Kasdeja
Age: Unknown
A former Throne, she was one of Lucifer's 7 generals and a former Satan of Gehanna. She now works for the Ariachne as one of their S class assassins. She has the ability to summon minions, an art she taught to many of the assassins within her guild. She is Haniel's lover and sired many demon offspring with him over the years. She has a great hatred of humans after working around them over the years.

Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
The mysterious woman of Mike's dreams. All he knows about her is she's coming for him soon. Whether good or evil, only time and their meeting, will tell.