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A look at the conflict between existentialism and modern psychology; inspired by books such as You Are Not So Smart, Outliers, and The Drunkard's Walk.

Existentialism says that we are born as clean slates in a world that has no meaning, and that while society, culture, and religion may often provide meanings, pressuring us to accept them, we can - and should - rise above these, make our own meanings, and pursue them passionately.

But do we give ourselves too much credit? Are humans capable - or even worthy - of determining their own fate?

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  • bentelk
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Visual Novel
  • 01/20/2013 09:29 PM
  • 07/10/2017 06:23 AM
  • 01/20/2013
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Enjoyed this short but thought provoking and inspired VN, well worth the download.

That was great. It really did take me on a journey. I'm glad I downloaded this.
Aghh.. Beautiful.
Well, perhaps it is because I've thought about these kinds of things already (not just stopping there), but I found this to be rather boring.

The lack of sound and music, the kind of linear progression does make it exhausting.
There are a few nice fun facts in there regarding our judgment and most are true as well (the coin toss not, for example... Of course the prediction is by no means certain, but it is more likely nevertheless)

You get a few pointers to how you can think about the world, and yourself, and how you decide stuff. But I cannot find anything deeper than fun facts and a few viewpoints. It leaves you bored and empty, although it could be tied to a more engaging or fun game - or a more thorough exploration of views.
This game would be cool if it had better production values. As it is right now, it is extremely bare bones, but it's interesting enough. A real game of this style, with actual plot and substance, would be very cool indeed.
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