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Embark on an epic journey as LOLninja while you search for the troll king to complete your mission. Solve increasingly complex puzzles and tougher challenges as you progress and collect new skills in this (mostly) linear platformer. Find travel companions for subtle hints, or just some light-hearted conversations along the way.

The game contains 6 stages, with fundamentally different game elements, gradually introduced up until the final stage. The game is intended to gradually learn the player how these elements work, so the game remains interesting without becoming imcomprehensible. The most explorative/tenacious players will be rewarded. Made in rm2k3 + Powermode.

Can you walk the path of a LOLninja?

Controls you should know about:

arrow up - Open doors.
shift key - Pause. All other controls are displayed here

Download does not require RTP to run (all required resources are included).

Video walkthrough:

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  • Completed
  • LOLninja
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Platformer Puzzle
  • 01/21/2013 11:31 PM
  • 11/22/2021 04:16 AM
  • 01/21/2013
  • 18508
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Another ninja puzzler?
Did I give birth to a trend or what?

First impressions:

Graphics glitch: there's a black line above trees.

Inconsistency: the battle system collisions aren't pixel-based like the movement system's.

I like how running down a slope makes you go faster, but the jumping mechanics become kinda glitchy. There's a delay after I pressed the jump button and the actual jump, which can become frustrating when a well-timed jump is needed.

I'm stuck in the shuriken room. Really have no idea what to do.
There are several others?

I was already looking if there were games with a similar idea as mine, but I was looking for platformers. I guess I was looking in the wrong direction.


Right, I never fixed the tree graphic.

With downward slopes, you actually fall down. As such, you are often not on the floor and thus cannot jump. I understand how it can look glitchy. A small consolidation is that to my knowledge, I did not ever use slopes where large jumps were necessary.

You have to enter small rooms and re-enter the 'shuriken' room several times (the one with the shuriken in the center, right?). The first time is top-left. I guess I never properly explained or hinted it, but you get extra air from jumping against the cogwheels. The second time is partially through the center circles, to the bottom right. That is enough, but from there you can continue puzzling for the scroll in the room.

Perhaps I should make a video walkthrough...
I got to stage 4 before the lag drove me crazy. :( I hate not finishing games...
What stage caused you lag? I have a pretty old laptop and the game is running fine for me.
I got stuck in the same spot as Avee, and I don't understand your "hint". There is no visible way to the get to any other rooms in the shuriken room.

I was gonna add this as Media but it's got no sound, so I'll be re-recording when I understand how to proceed..
Alright. I created a walkthrough/speedrun set of videos and added it in the game description. Seems like you were looking in the right direction, but err... didn't try hard enough at the right place.
Why didn't you head to the right, Link? I don't get it. You kept heading left left left. Okay, got there. You have to duck under some blocks.

Easy. I'm actually having trouble with the next part. Just barely made it to level 3.

Got to that one area with all the boxes, conveyors, etc and it keeps switching back.
Hi dude, I wanna ask you if I can open the game for see how it works and use part of the platform system (no graphics, I think)
It's amazing see this running in 2k3
Haha, of course. If I recall correctly, it was made with rm2k3 powermode. Built to easily create new levels.

Quite amusing to see a movie of someone figuring out the game after such a long time.
Hi, I have a question, is there any version that is only the engine of this game? I already tried to check it with rpg maker and easy maker but I don't know where are the exact commands of each thing.
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