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Basically Castle Quest is an old-tyme dungeon adventure game. As you go around the castle and rescue different characters, you can then use them solve puzzles and advance througout the castle.
The cleric can heal herself, the ranger can leap over some walls, and the thief can steal keys from sleepy guards. Other characters are going to be added for the full version, like the lark who can talk to animals, the dwarf who can bash rocks with his hammer, the pirate who can boat over water, and the boxer who can push giant blocks out of the way.

You start off as a cleric in the castle. If you talk to the king he will tell you what you have to do. The magic feathers will guide you as to the controls and the skills of the different characters.

There is a very basic battle system built into Castle Quest. Most encounters are entirely optional. Just go up to an enemy and press space to engage it.

*Winner of Gaming World's G&D Game Design Competition II*

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Resident Terrapin
Hey, I actually don't recall you making this. It looks pretty neat and I actually am drawn to the 2-color scheme!
I approve of this! I played it and had a lot of fun, and therefor it is a good game and that's my story.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
I remember when this won. Downloading it now.
The game was to easy but besides that, its a fun and different game.
That was fun! The graphics were great I just love the style. My only complaint would be that the cleric class made battles really really lopsided since you could heal as often as you wanted. Keep it up though I'd love to see a full release of this!
This game is back in production. New screens coming soon.
this game is cool. too short of a demo. still awesome.
so, is this still going?
Nope, stops after the first floor or something. Not sure why it was ever stated as "complete".
A black, and white version of FF mystic quest.
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