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Think with both halves of your brain

  • Veldrane
  • 04/30/2013 08:45 PM
Overview: I approached Think Outside the Box with mixed feelings. One one hand, I love a good, original puzzle game that is well done. On the other, I've played a few that were lacking; due either to controls, gameplay, or difficulty levels. Thankfully, this game gave me little concern for any of those areas.

Gameplay: It is a simple enough premise. Solve a puzzle, get out of the room. But the variety of ways you can solve puzzles to move onward gives a lot of replayability to each level. I am a completist, and even though only a few different solutions needed to be found to advance, I kept playing each stage to find all the contingencies. The solutions varied from extremely easy and logical, to being very roundabout in how you had to solve it. The addition of a hint system was a very nice touch, I personally only had to use one hint; but I'll admit I felt rather silly when I found out how easy the solution I was missing was. One of the downsides to the gameplay would have to be the length of the game. There are multiple solutions to each stage, but with only a few stages, I finished the entire game in about 45 minutes, earning all the different endings. 4/5 for solid gameplay that isn't overly complicated, but I do wish it was a longer game with more puzzles.

Graphics: The graphics fit very nicely into the theme of the game. Almost cartoon-ish in their simplicity, but that doesn't detract from any area of the game. After all, you are playing as a Box attempting to escape from the nefarious dangers of a dungeon-esque setting. The graphics were consistent, and the "cut scenes" provided by some of the solutions were well matched with the overall style of the game. 5/5 for consistency and the fact that the graphics just felt right for this type of game.

Audio: The background music seemed to drone on and on for each stage, and at times it felt as if the music was perhaps a little too loud overall; then again, that could possibly just be a personal taste. The sound effects used were well placed, and I especially enjoyed the confetti at the beginning. 4/5 for overall sound, because even if it seemed a little loud, I still feel that it was a fitting choice.

Story: This one is rather difficult, as I cannot use my normal methods for grading a story. I will keep this one short and simple. The story is whimsical, fairly original, and laughable all at once. It works for the game (albeit illogically, but this is an illogical game, save for the logic used to solve the puzzles). I give 4/5 for the story (of what it is intended to be).

A puzzle game with varying ways of bending logic and one's mind, I would recommend this for anyone who likes puzzle games to give it a try. If a sequal (or perhaps an update with new puzzles? hint hint) becomes available, I will definitely be giving another playthrough.
Overall: 4/5