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Convergence War is a combination of stories I've written in the past.

The story focuses on the Grand Design, which controls the destinies of every being in existence. But some people have discovered ways to reshape the Grand Design, altering key moments in a persons life to change their futures.

This causes the old designs to fracture and break away, stuck supposedly in limbo in the Great Void. But it is soon discovered that those fractures continue to thrive but no one has a destiny so they're pretty much in chaos.

Those fractures begin to converge on the Grand Design, trying to merge again so their worlds are no longer so full of chaos. This causes many bad things to happen, including monsters jumping back and forth between the Grand Design and the fractures, as well as merging entire landscapes and cities together.

The story follows the main character and his companions as they try to fight off this threat and restore the Grand Design. But someone else is behind it all, pulling the strings in every fracture and bringing forth the complete destruction of the Grand Design.

This is a large project to undertake and I'm doing it all on my own so far. Wish me luck!

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Well I started the first scene today. The intro I made did the job of creating a basis for the storyline, but I still needed to introduce the main character into the storyline as well.

As a throwback to old games I decided that a dream sequence would be the best way to introduce the character to the storyline. I find myself using a lot of switches to accomplish many things.

I'll likely be done with the dream sequence some time today if I don't come up with anymore ideas or if I don't run into any problems.
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  • 04/19/2008 04:33 PM
  • 01/14/2010 02:05 AM
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I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
If you need help I'll help you
So far I've got everything under control but thanks for the offer. :)
sounds good. I will be willing to give this a shot.
i love the movie but i give a tip.
update a download so we can play the game!
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