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Hellene is a woman seeking adventure and has a natural sixth sense for knowing where it will be. The only problem is she can't tell the difference between the good kind and the pain in the butt kind of adventure.

This, coupled with her odd set of morals, sets her on an adventure to return an amulet to the skeletal remains of an irritating ghost, Irene, lest she be haunted forever for stealing the amulet! Along the way, they employ the help of an academic mage, Barrett, who is searching for a mysterious artifact.

What will this oddly matched trio find while treeing dungeons and battling monsters?

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Entry 12 - Writing and Mapping

Entry 12
Monday, 01/28/13

I've been mapping, both more interiors (a general store and weapon/armor store) and exteriors (OMG more forests! :D). Here's the inn. Huzzah for complimentary breakfasts!

I am writing too which is painful, because writing for games is not the same as writing for short stories. I'm trying to write like I would for a play, laying out actions as well as dialogue in a relatively coherent manner. Writing, yeah. It's getting along.

I also found an adorable chibi doll maker over at Doll Divine. Here is the link: http://www.dolldivine.com/chibi-maker.php

So have an Irene!
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When will this be done? I'd like to play it!
When will this be done? I'd like to play it!


Just kidding. I don't know. Work and stuff you know? Plus, I don't like how my ideas for this kept spiraling out of control. So I'm trying to get back to basics. You'll be the first to play-test though. I promise!
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