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Kolmesarta: the World of Three Islands.
Held in balance by the Three Island Kingdoms.
Energized by the magical power of the Essence.

Looming in the shadows is a powerful force.
A force that could very well disrupt the
balance of Kolmesarta for good.
One group of knights will find themselves entangled
in a web of deceit, manipulation, and revelation.

Blood will be spilled.
Heroes will be forged.
Nobody can be trusted.

This is the first two-thirds of Kolmesarta, a sample game for RM VX Ace Lite. For those who don't know, Lite is a free version of VX Ace with a lengthy list of limitations:

Maximum Database Entries
  • 10 Actors
  • 10 Classes
  • 126 Skills
  • 16 Items
  • 60 Weapons
  • 60 Armors
  • 30 Enemies
  • 30 Troops
  • 25 States
  • 110 Animations
  • 4 Tilesets
  • 10 Common events
  • There are no other database restrictions

Map Limitations
  • 20 Maps
  • 10 Events per map

So I guess this game is like my "Encephalon" for VX Ace: an attempt to make something simple and fun, with limitations in both time and resources. I've spent about 30-40 hours on it, with another 10 hours or so to go. I have to finish a few cutscenes and implement a few other things.

I decided to release this now, in time for the VX Ace Lite competition, to display some workarounds and other ideas on how to work with Lite's limitations to get the most mileage possible. It's a fairly short game and will clock in at 2-2.5 hours when completed; right now, it's about 90 minutes long. The story and setting, while simple in nature due to the small scale of this game, borrow heavily from Carlsev Saga.

Playable Characters
Lance: a young, up-and-coming member of the Pal Commanders: leaders of Palina's arm of crack Special Forces. He is studious and ambitious...but does not look the type. His ambition is being held in check by his inability to make decisions and handle awkward situations. He uses axes in combat; axe skills deal heavy damage and can stun or KO enemies. He also specializes in elemental magic.

Jillian: a Pal Commander and mentor of Lance. She works hard to mask her fiery spirit: the "inner dragon", as she calls it. This makes her a sort of double-edged sword: she can shift from calm to angry on a dime. She has struggled with this emotional issue for years and worries that it will resurface at an inopportune time. She fights with a bow, which (1) makes her attacks versatile due to an array of available arrows, and (2) gives her ample time to counter enemy physical attacks. However, her magic is mostly supportive in nature.

Rupert: another mentor of Lance. He's of the elite members of Palina's Special Forces. He is blunt but also consistent, calm, collected, and honest. As a colleague of Jillian, he has tried to help her control and harness her "inner dragon". He is a pure swordsman, boasting powerful elemental slashes that, when combined with Lance's elemental magic, form a two-headed damage-dealing monster. He also has an array of debuffs at his disposal.

Kolmesarta is a simple game. There are four major dungeons, each crawling with vermin, puzzles, and loot. Scour the world for special Augments that can be equipped to diversify a character's skill set! Use tonics to boost statistics to levels not attainable by mere leveling! Learn battle-altering skills by equipping new weapons! Spend TP on magic and MP on skills instead of the other way around! (I will be adjusting that system to make cure magic usable outside of battle.)Take a couple hours and enjoy this simple romp through Kolmesarta!

The current download features the first 2/3 of the game.

Latest Blog

Brief Hiatus

Hi, guys.

So right now, there are four projects I am actively working on:

A Tale of Valera
Porcupine Princess
Radiant Chain
The Last King of Hyrule

Kolmesarta is about 75 percent complete, but it's on hiatus until at least one or two of those is complete (or my contributions to Radiant Chain are done). I also want to get a second demo of Valera out within the next few weeks.
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Simple but fun. Sounds exactly like my kind of game. One that's down-to-earth and not filled with 3000 years worth of lore; one that can be played, enjoyed, and understood all at the same time.
I'm a dog pirate
Yeah, that was the goal. Simple game for a simple version of the program!
After arming myself, with all the money I had and buying a couple of antitdotes, I figured to go ahuntin for enemies to bolster everything. The only place to go is the mines. No problem. Go in, test my team's mettle, make a few bucks and experience, come back out and hit the inn to heal and return. But it turns out once youre in the mines you cant come back out and you have to finish whatever youre supposed to do before being able to come back out....I think.
I find the game really good and am impressed as well that the grammar and spelling is nearly perfect (not a big thing but nice to see once in awhile).
But so early in the game and not being able to come back out and at least hit the inn along with the high encounter rate AND strong buggers to boot....
I did manage to keep running around for the most part and found a nice sword and bow etc, but still my resources kept dwindling way too fast. By the time I found that item which poofs you a merchant, I hadnt fought enough battles (they dont seem to drop enough items to offset the many battles)to have money to spend on stuff.
Ok....I am through whining. I will put my big boy panties on try and do some things differently. I probably missed something everyone else finds.
XD Kolme saarta... I simply cannot get past that. ;w; Kolme saarta...

I hope I can get to play the demo sometime soon, when having a bit time. Kolme saarta... Sorry, it'll bug me whole day. Same feeling I had when encountering area called Vaasa in Forgotten Realms books. ;A; God, I kept thinking the city with that name around here whole time.

I'll let you know of the real game though when getting to it. eweb
I'm a dog pirate
Oh man, you can't get back to the inn? That must be a glitch. Kolme saarta is intentional; it's Finnish for Three Islands right?

Thanks for playing! And Scin, thanks if you do get a chance :)

Edit: yes, it's a region glitch. Fixed! Will re-upload, along with increased gold drop rates :D

Thanks for being my guinea pigs, guys!
Yup...or rather Nope....I cant get back out of the cave. You think just start a new game or erase it and re d/l?
I'm a dog pirate
I am about to upload a fixed version right now; you can just transfer your save file over~

I also fixed a gamebreaker that occurs when you talk to the guard from the left-hand side....and a tinting error...

Edit: 1.1 download is up.
Devil's in the details
Kolme Saarta...? Oh Scinaya got here first. Wait what, another finn?
I'm a dog pirate
Kolme Saarta...? Oh Scinaya got here first. Wait what, another finn?

That makes three Finns on RMN, right?
No doubt it is only me but, as soon as my butt monkeys all hit level 5 my subscreen doesnt come up.
My only complaint with this game, so far, are the random monster encounters. Then again, that is more than likely a general complaint with everyone here.
I'm a dog pirate
Yeah, random encounters suck, but with Lite and the scope of this game they were kind of a necessity unless I spent even more time with parallel processes. Fixed encounters is something I'll definitely consider implementing after completing the game.
Yeah, random encounters suck, but with Lite and the scope of this game they were kind of a necessity unless I spent even more time with parallel processes. Fixed encounters is something I'll definitely consider implementing after completing the game.

I forgot about the limitations of Lite; I forgot about the limited number of events allowed per map.
Jaahas , senkös takia toi näytti niin oudolle nimelle??
I'll give it a try, man!

I'm working in my game too.

Completed the demo - great game so far - any idea when you'll have it finished ? Thanx
Are you from finland because the game name: "Kolmesarta" is kind of finnish word.
Kolme = three
Sarta (saari in finnish) = islands
Is this coincidence or what?!?!?!?!?!
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
I can tell you that Deckiller is NOT from Australia.
The word is based on Kolme Saarta, insomuch that it uses the meaning and phonetic sounds. It was deliberately changed to suit his fantasy-ish land so it is one word instead of two - a deliberate misspelling that acts as a tip of the hat to the Finnish word, but isn't quite it. Kinda like, oh, Fantasia/Phantasia or how some names can be spelt different ways and mean the same thing - Steven/Stephen, Richard/Rikard and May/Mei/Mai.
I'm a dog pirate
what have I done

In all seriousness, I apologize to those who are offended by this, but I assure you there is no malicious or disrespectful intent. Many games and fictional universes do this sort of thing. I was looking for ways to say "Three Islands" in various languages with minimal changes as a homage, and Finnish was my choice.

Like Liberty said, Fantasia/Phantasia, Xenosaga's various translations, etc.
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