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Don't go into the forest!

I'm back again tonight here to play a horror game. Playing a horror game at night is something I liked doing and this time the game is Lamia Nox, a dark adventure that took me about... 15-20 minutes? Yes, from start to finish. So yeah, it's pretty short!

This game was made by TheRexman221 in 2013, even if the definitive edition was released in 2014. This is a mystery horror game, I mean nothing really visually gory and neither very impactful, just a creepy dark atmosphere, thanks to a good use of lights. Yeah. The lights. And darkness of course, these are good, and is also good to have a character that moves at a decent speed, and even diagonally. A good beginning.

Is it behind me? Yes, it is! And this means... instant DEATH!

Anyway, let's start with the plot: Laura is a fourteen years old girl, that while the charset makes her look like a little bear-girl, she's instead a normal looking girl. Unfortunately one night she wakes up in a dark and cold home... but wait a moment, it's her own home even if now it looks abandoned! So she decides to venture out and enter the forest, but probably that was not a great decision...

But no! It's a bad idea, and not because of the ghost (yes, there is a ghost!) but because mapping gets worse. Yes, even if the assets of the game are RTPs and other stock resources these are used well. At first. In the house, then everything falls apart, the outdoor areas are pretty ugly. And it's a pity since the beginning was really promising.

Unfortunately the music is no better, the sounds are too loud and the monster is... ow let's says that the sound it makes is far more threatening than its appearance. And I did not like so much the chase but uhm it was ok. I also liked the resto of the gameplay, even if it's the classical "explore - interact\take item - use item". And in about twenty minutes there's not a lot to do, but overall I liked this aspect of the game. It was entertainment, ok the story isn't that great and the pacing wasn't also that good... but did I have fun?
Read below!

Ok Laura, here you seems really envious. I mean, why doesn't she chose YOUR soul? Heh WHY?

The Final Verdict
So, in the end, did I have fun? I must say "yes", it's a little game and a short dark spooky story that probably will not stand out despite the brilliant beginning, I mean there are little jumpscares, chase scenes, nothing new but nothing too bad either. And being this the first game of the developer, I can say it's totally ok and it's not too bad if you have twenty minutes to spare (little game, little committment). Especially if you like this genre of games, it's not the best but still not the worst. Just ok!
Interestingly enough, there's a Lamia Nox 2, but... this is another tale for another night!