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In 2001, the original Legion Saga game was released - inspired by the Suikoden series of games and featuring the story of one man leading a Rebellion against two oppressive kingdoms. For its time, it was an impressive game, but soon became outclassed by other games. An attempt was made to update the game into RPG Maker 2003 but eventually found itself cancelled - the fruits of this labour were release as the Legion Saga R demo.

Now, several years later, with Kamau's permission, I'm picking up where Legion Saga R left off, rebuilding the game from scratch in RPG Maker XP and working on the fan remake entitled Legion Saga X (short for, of course, Expanded). The intention is to rebuild the first game, implementing canon, information, and features from the second and third Legion Saga game while expanding upon the world - the expansions will be, for the most part, my own interpretation of the world or based upon information hinted at or given within the games themselves. Episode One will cover the greatly expanded events of the original game, with the further two games being covered in Episodes Two and Three respectively.

The Story Thus Far
For centuries, the neighbouring countries of Meluvet and Garalas have been at odds with one another. Once a single united empire ceturies before, the leaders of both countries claim the birthright that grants them claim over the other. While for the most part this has only lead to occasional border skirmishes, the times have changed - Agaman Meluvet, lord of the nation bearing his family's name, believes he has the power to finally unite the two kingdoms once again. This new war begins with a surprise attack across the border, south into Garalas, lead by his son, Durane. That battle, however, soon sets off a chain of events prophesied a millennium ago, one that will change the lives of three young men and is expected to bring about an end to the world itself...

  • Classic RPG-style gameplay
  • 70 Legionnaires to recruit, including 39 all new characters
  • Select from up to 30 characters for your combat party
  • Select from 7 characters to support your combat efforts
  • Revamped War System and Duels - 7 (+1 Optional) War Battles, 4 (+1 Optional) Duels
  • Greatly expanded storyline and world

Note: Most graphics are placeholders and not representative of the final product - they'll be replaced and updated to their final versions closer to a release.

Note 2: A lot of the artwork I am using, particularly the character portraits, have been gathered from across the Internet. Unfortunately, many people don't credit the original authors when they post things, so it's difficult at times to figure out who made what unless I stumble across the artist's website. Where possible, I credit the original creators of resources; when it's not, I ask for you to please inform me if you know of the original creators so I can properly credit them. Thanks~

Latest Blog

Back From The... Not... Quite... Dead?

So, I found a backup today. And it was fairly close to the point where I lost data. Which is awesome - so, I popped production back open and started to poke around to continue to work on this when...

I looked at the scripting. Oh god, oh god, the scripting. It's a mess. I don't know what I was doing in a lot of places because, even with commenting, it doesn't make sense (I appear to be reusing RMXP's built in variables... several places.... that don't mesh well with multiple uses).

So! First step!

The entire scripting section is going to be rewritten where it needs to be with everything I've learned since then (and before, but didn't apply, because damn that's some ugly code). This is the first and most important thing I need to do. This'll see the combat engine sort of finished (it'll work, it just won't support the type of battlers I wanted to use yet) and hopefully the war and duel systems finished (probably with some heavy inspirations from similar scripts elsewhere).

Once that's done, the second step will be to go through everything I have so far and make it playable up until at least as far as the LSR demo of yesteryear. At that point, I'll be doing a demo of sorts - it won't be as pretty as I'd want, but it'll be playable none the less.

I'd like to get some public progress out on this so I can eventually do the other two games. Only time will tell.
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  • 01/26/2013 03:12 AM
  • 01/27/2016 02:23 AM
  • 08/01/2015
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i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Wow, cool that Kamau let you do this. I'm looking forward to it.
RMN sex symbol
Wouldn't that be Ex then or maybe just Legion Saga XP? Legion Saga X just sounds stupid, no offense. But hey good luck to yah, BTW how long ago did you play through the series?

Also I'm pretty sure you can find a character set of the original Rm2k characters for XP?
The title partly came out as is because of a long standing discussion with friends about which letters out of words look best on acronyms - LSX is a much better acronym than LSE. LSXP might be a potential, but after seeing how the logo turned out with just the X, I'm kind of hesitant to change it now. Plus, it sounds about as good as Legion Saga R ever did - the R and X are really more of a 'this is the version' indicator. In fact, the in-game 'title' still only calls itself Legion Saga.

My last full play through of the series ended about three days before starting this - I ran through them, and continue to play through them (yes, I'm in the middle of the original LS at the moment, again, as well as looking at the original games in RM2k), looking at the world, what people say, the timing, that sort of thing, to see how well it will port over or how I can improve upon it in a new engine

I haven't found any character sets in the hi-res XP style, just the original character sets expanded to fit the new requirements of XP, and they look terrible on the tilesets. Plus, a number of characters have had/will have their appearances changed - Eva, for example, is now a brunette and not a blonde. I'm not sticking strictly to a design aesthetic that was chosen because of the resources available at the time - think of it as similar to how Final Fantasy 2 and 3 were updated when they were rereleased (not the games we originally got on the SNES as 2 and 3, but the original Japanese ones).

Anyways, I'll be taking any questions, comments, criticisms, and responding as best as I can as often as I can.
I think that the name is fine. Let the designer and producer name the game.
RMN sex symbol
I used to have the character sets, I'll try find them for you, I know they're out there though. Anyways if you haven't seen it here's one of my older Looking Back articles about the Legion Saga series.
Thanks a lot for looking for them - I've looked around the internet trying to locate them (and I've found a couple, but none that were used for characters in the first LS, oddly), but the site that appears to be the source is no longer working. This page has a link to what I believe to be the site that had them at one point, judging from the icon on the Materials page, but the page it leads to no longer works.

That article is where I got the download links for the games for my laptop and my last couple of play throughs, actually - and as a small note, the version of LSIII on there isn't the final version, even though the story part of the game is complete. I know there's a more complete version that was put out with Cardico completed, as I've played through that copy before.
i hope this turns out more like LS2 than 1 or 3
This isn't a proper Legion Saga game unless you vehemently deny that this game is a Suikoden clone. You also have to pretend that you don't even know what Suikoden is.
Big shoes to fill in my opinion. Good luck.
Legion Saga III was my favourite RPGMaker 2000 game and really got me into making my own RPGs. If you want any art assets doing or help let me know I'd gladly chip in on a project like this.
Looks like a winner to me, Travio; the plot had me at... just making sense. I'll be following this one.
i hope this turns out more like LS2 than 1 or 3

What was it that you liked/didn't like about it and the others that you would rather a game turn out like it instead of the others?

Legion Saga III was my favourite RPGMaker 2000 game and really got me into making my own RPGs. If you want any art assets doing or help let me know I'd gladly chip in on a project like this.

We'll see how it turns out. I want to get systems etc. coded, in place, and working, along with a large portion of the game, before I get too overly concerned about art assets.
I hope you do it, tried to do a remake with ace of the Legion Saga 1 but with my daughter and university, kind of not have time

I'll follow your game

i hope this turns out more like LS2 than 1 or 3
What was it that you liked/didn't like about it and the others that you would rather a game turn out like it instead of the others?

Legion Saga III was my favourite RPGMaker 2000 game and really got me into making my own RPGs. If you want any art assets doing or help let me know I'd gladly chip in on a project like this.

We'll see how it turns out. I want to get systems etc. coded, in place, and working, along with a large portion of the game, before I get too overly concerned about art assets.

I have to agree, part 2 was the best. Since you asked:

Part 1 started an interesting trend of game play, and for that reason alone I stuck with it. However, the story was poorly written, not to mention confusing and didn't make a lot of sense, and the characters reaction to some situations appeared comical, when it should have been more serious. A lot of this resulted in the story being rushed and not panned out very well. Game play was interesting, but far from the improved mechanics of part 2. Case in point, the banking system didn't allow you to deposit or withdraw a portion of your money like in part 2. Instead, it was all or nothing. And when trying to decide which characters to put into your party, you couldn't see their current level until after they were in your party; so if your goal was to take your weakest characters and level them up, it was a chore to do. Then you have your villain, who was quite interesting, but took a back seat somewhere in the story. She wasn't written in very well. In fact, had I not chatted with her in the beginning (which I believe is optional), I wouldn't have recognized her late in the game. Better story (and better character development for all your recruits), better mechanics, and the lore behind LS is much needed (more information and foreshadowing about the story behind the gods).

Part 2: Much better story, improved game mechanics, better map design. This had the best duels and war tactics of all 3 games. The recruits felt alive here, even if some of the things you had to do to get them didn't make sense. Seeing the return of past characters, and seeing the story unravel, it really made the series well worth the effort. The overall battle system (not to mention the introduction of Orbs) could have been better refined, but overall this was a decent game, outside of some instances of awkward story telling.

Part 3: This is where the game sort of fell apart for me. Part 1 was understandable as it was primarily game play focused and all RTP. However, Part 2 showed us Kamau had what it takes to take it to the next level, and initially I was excited for Part 3. The problem is, it's practically incomplete. Version 2 was so bug-riddled, it made me cringe. To get the good ending, you were required to get all 40 Legionaires, which I did, but still got the bad ending. Version 3 was supposed to fix all of this, and complete some of the missing features that were left out in Version 2, however, Kamau also decided to change the war tactics from the second version, which created a game breaking bug in which the system kept looping and would never end; so Version 3 of Part 3 was practically impossible to finish, even though it was supposed to be better than Version 2. The war system in part 3 was horrid (unlike Legion Saga 2), and a lot of the features he added just bogged down the game. The story is even more improved, until you get to the last area, and then it begins to feel rushed and unresolved again. The old adage proves true here: If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Unfortunately, so many things were changed and fixed from Part 2 that Part 3 just felt exhausting to play.

None of the games had very good battle systems, though, except for the war tactics in Part 2. The traditional battles were too easy and boring, for the most part. More interesting types of skills would have definitely helped.

Edit: I'm currently playing Legion Saga R (the incomplete remake for Part 1), and so far I'm loving it. This is how the first game should have been done to begin with, and for the time being the story has been well laid out. I'd say use this as a sort of model for developing your own remake.
A download for this would be nice.
That name sounds like a anime I saw a while back.
My mind is full of fuck.
It's based off the game made by Kamau, loving it.
A download for this would be nice.

That would require a lot more of the game to be finished. I'm not one to just throw up a download when I've got like fifteen to twenty minutes of gameplay done - especially when the section of the game has a number of cutscenes. I'm considering doing a demo of a later part of the game, where I've actually expanded the story beyond what's seen in the original game and LSR, but there's a system or two I need to finish before I can do that - and the one system is still in alpha, as it's not the easiest thing to write up from scratch.

The story expansion is based on Legion Saga R's expansion, plus more. The idea is to tie in the villains of the first game more in with the series' metaplot as opposed to just being randomly there and seeming to have nothing to do with the overall story (which I understand, given that Kamau didn't start to establish a wider story to the series until LS2). Thanks for the input, amerkevicius, and I'll keep it in mind while doing the remakes.
One thing I never understood, if the hero (Ridman/Durane) was being brainwashed by the king, why was the hero suddenly arrested for being a rebel against the king. Did the king no longer have use for him, was this a mistake on the part of the captain, or did the primary villain (Xer something or other) fear Ridman/Durane and was hoping to get rid of him.

This was never explained in any of the games, so perhaps that's something to be explored as you continue to develop this game.
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