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The Kingdom of Meluvet
Durane Meluvet
The son of King Agaman Meluvet, Durane is a young commander in the Meluvetian army under the Lord Kamza a'Veaz. At the orders of his father, he invades the country of Garalas and seizes control of the village of Seimu.

Eva Gains
Second-in-command of Durane Meluvet's unit, Eva is a captain in the Meluvetian army. During a skirmish with Garalas troops near Evan's Head, her knee was injured by the Garalasin mage, Hortz, during combat. Headstrong, she's recently found herself questioning if the war she's being forced to fight is a just and right one.

Agaman Meluvet
Current patriarch of the Meluvet family and ruler of the kingdom of Meluvet, Agaman claims descent from Ridman, the last Emperor of Evancourt. With the help of his new advisor, Xaertrix, he plots to claim his ancestral birthright and unite Meluvet and Garalas into a single nation at any cost.

Lord Kamza a'Veaz
Hailing from the Denov Islands, Kamza served bravely during the Veramonde invasion of Meluvet and earned himself a lordship and governorship of the southern province of Meluvet. Since then, he has served King Agaman loyally. A braggart and a loudmouth, he's renowned throughout the country's army for his horrid sense of humour.

The Protectorate of Garalas
Edmund Garalas
The current Duke of Garalas, Edmund carries on his family's long running tradition of protecting Garalas from incursions from Meluvet.

The Evancourt Rebellion
Affiliation: The Evancourt Rebellion
Named for the last Emperor of Evancourt, Ridman is the leader and organizer of the Evancourt Rebellion, a force that seeks to end the fighting between Garalas and Meluvet and see the two countries united once more. Although no one is sure of the man's true identity (and many people say he doesn't actually exist), he ranks high in the lists of most wanted criminals in both Garalas and Meluvet.