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New CYE update and 40% off!

Copy and pasted off the steam announcement page.

Quick Intro

Wasn't 100% sure what to call this update. Even though I've made many changes, I was half tempted to call it a special edition but there's not a vast amount of new content to qualify as such. Best call it a remix for now.

Key changes


- Chloe, Bella, Rupert, Sally, Jake and Sandra now have more facial expressions in story segments.

- The moon ellipse from the trailers is back in the game. Was originally removed before launch due to early game pacing issues.

- General wait time between dialogue has been cut down by 75%. Now measuring at 0.25 seconds.

- Small dialogue change in the subway and prior final boss.

- Slight extension to the subway crash.

- Screen text on Chloes thoughts after exiting the radio station.

- Small grammar fixes.


- New gameplay segment in the Radio Station. Be quick on the movement keys!

- Three of the side buildings in between the Church and the Hotel have been moved elsewhere. Purely to help with early game pacing.

- Some of the bigger side buildings have unlockable shortcuts back to their respective entrances, reducing instances of backtracking

- The Door Store has been completely removed, served no purpose.

- New requirement to gain entry to the Radio station. Wanted to have another ladder section.

- New requirement to gain entry to the School. Wanted to have another bed section.

- Running stamina lasts a little longer.

- Handgun damage has been reduced slightly, most enemies require one additional shot. Help encourage the player to use other weapons more.

- Added slightly more 9mm ammo early game to help compensate for reduced handgun damage.

- Added a couple of shotgun shell pickups.

- Three new enemies. Introduced in the nightclub, sewers and the first house on the way to the Hotel.

- Baby spiders now have an accompanying sound effect to warn players that they’re in the area.

- Reduced Donald and Ruperts firearm damage late game.

- Reduced the Headteachers hit points for her respective boss battle.

- Other small changes I can’t recall off the top of my head.


- Music volume has been increased by 30%.

- Replaced almost all the interior music in nonstory areas, every building now has their own theme. Beforehand there used to be only one song that was played. Please note it is existing music repurposed with different speed/pitches and not new recordings.

Quick Outro

Most of the changes have been done in relation to feedback in the last few months, hopefully it’ll turn out to be a much better experience in the long run.
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