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Price Cut/Small Update

Finally decided to bite the bullet and do a price cut at long last, from $9.99 down to $4.99 in respective currencies. The game literally stopped selling outside of sales months ago and I'm hoping it'll encourage those on the fence or people passing by. I am going to update the demo on here, the current one doesn't represent the final game as it stands.

The planned price cut also gave me an excuse to do a small update.


- Added a new mid-credit scene. Originally wanted to create the extra ending back in mid development but opted out due to how dark and ambiguous it was, definitely adds an extra layer to the events of the game. Hope people love it as much as I do :D

- Reworded ten pieces of dialogue to clarify some plot points better.

- Cut the delay before pressing E to finish sentences in cut scenes from 30 frames down to 1 frame. Really helpful for fast readers and people replaying the game again.

- Added an extra enemy in the Church, nightclub, park and news station sections of the game.

- Added ten handgun ammo to Chloe’s inventory before escaping to the Church.

- Fixed some wall clipping in the hospital.

- Moved ammo more central in some rooms. Don’t have to run to the other side to open a draw.

- Added some extra notes lying around for the player to read

Anyway I hope that’s it for now besides potentially fixing undiscovered bugs. Even though I said in the prior update that I was finished, I did wanted to do a small update before the price cut comes into effect. Future wise, I’ll be exploring translating the game into different languages.