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Updated Game Profile Description

I have recently updated my game profile's description to be a little more focused (heh.) on the game's foundations and what makes it special!

Go take a look!


Game Design

Simple NPC & Character Dialogue Strategy

I have decided that once I finish testing out some more mechanics for skills activated in the field (for puzzles and encountering enemies, etc.), I will continue map and scene creation to progress the game's main quest.

However, this means I will have to add more character dialogue, something that is not exactly a priority for me whereas gameplay most certainly is. Therefore, I will begin adding placeholder dialogue reminiscent of original Zelda NPC dialogue and other NES titles (but with less translation errors!) just so you know what to do and where to go, stuff like that, despite not deliberately going for that sort of minimalist/nostalgic style regarding the dialogue. I hope this will be a good strategy for me to stay focused on the gameplay and to elaborate the dialogue and personalities later on.

Progress Report

Tech demo uploaded!

Hello everybody! I just uploaded a new video onto Youtube that showcases a sample of skills that can also be used outside of battle to either engage touch encounters with an advantage (e.g. engaging from behind will initiate a preemptive strike) or to navigate dungeons and solve puzzles.

You can view it here or over in the Media section of my game page! Be sure to look out for Youtube annotations that detail a few things.


Over 100 demo downloads! Hey, that's still something!

Despite this number possibly counting non-unique downloads (but considering the fact that I have not been downloading my own game time and time again), it is a bit more motivating that some people on here have still been giving a small nod to what I have created almost a full year since the initial upload and after such a long hiatus of any sort of update or actual progress on my end.

Thank you for your support!

I hope I can continue this project soon (as I have kept notes and such), but I don't know at which point I will really be able to. However, the project has also not been completely abandoned!

Progress Report

I'm still working on this!

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that I am still working on the game. It's been a while, so I wanted to let people know. I am now working 2 jobs during the summer, but I am going to try hard to find time to continue to work on this!


Legend of Alkior v0.2 is up!

Check out the downloads page!


Full prologue will be ready this weekend in the first download!

I am splitting the production of Legend of Alkior up into seven sections: a prologue and six chapters. I am about done with the "full" prologue, meaning all of the important plot scenes will be covered. However, details to existing towns and NPCs may be incomplete/sparse.

With the game being a WIP, this prologue will also contain a few quirks like some NPC dialogue that I kept in from a much, MUCH earlier build of the game, which will probably be out of place in the fully completed version of the game (and face later revisions), but I am leaving them in for your amusement! :)

There will also be a couple of secrets of the WIP-type (not making sense now, but will be fit in later in better locations/context), so be sure to explore all available areas in the first download of the game!
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