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Full prologue will be ready this weekend in the first download!

I am splitting the production of Legend of Alkior up into seven sections: a prologue and six chapters. I am about done with the "full" prologue, meaning all of the important plot scenes will be covered. However, details to existing towns and NPCs may be incomplete/sparse.

With the game being a WIP, this prologue will also contain a few quirks like some NPC dialogue that I kept in from a much, MUCH earlier build of the game, which will probably be out of place in the fully completed version of the game (and face later revisions), but I am leaving them in for your amusement! :)

There will also be a couple of secrets of the WIP-type (not making sense now, but will be fit in later in better locations/context), so be sure to explore all available areas in the first download of the game!