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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is my first time uploading to RMN, so if you experience difficulties with downloading or opening the current version of the game, please leave a comment or send me a PM!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To get the game running, make sure to do the following:

  • After downloading, do an "Extract All" on the zip file.

  • Move the folder "Rtp" into the folder "Legend of Alkior v0.2".

  • Now run the application file "RPG_RT" that is inside the "Legend of Alkior v0.2" folder.

  • Enjoy!

Legend of Alkior: The Impending Storm will have seven sections: a prologue and six chapters. This download consists of just the "full" prologue, meaning all of the important plot scenes will be covered. However, details to existing towns and NPCs may be incomplete/sparse.

With the game being a WIP, this prologue will also contain a few quirks like some NPC dialogue that I kept in from a much, MUCH earlier build of the game, which will probably be out of place in the fully completed version of the game (and face later revisions), but I am leaving them in for your amusement! :)

There will also be a couple of secrets of the WIP-type (not making sense now, but will be fit in later in better locations/context), so be sure to explore all available areas in this first download of the game!

Thanks for downloading Legend of Alkior: The Impending Storm...

Your download should begin shortly, if it doesn't, click the button below.

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