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Modern day RPG with levels such as an office building, a park, and a casino. I know zombie RPGs are common these days, but this one is different. It is meant to be a short, fun little game and does not take itself too seriously.

"The concept: No epic story. You play as an average Joe named Jon Han. You equip yourself with office supplies and lay waste to the zombie outbreak. There are 6 locations and a party member you will meet along the way. There's lots of player skills to learn and items to pick up. It's a fun, quirky RPG and it took about 2 months to create. And I'm a perfectionist so I've tried to make it as good as I can."

- 2+ hours of gameplay
- Random encounters? No way!
- Awesome locations
- Bonus content unlocked after completing game
- Awesome midi rock tunes

I can't remember if I fixed the text for newer OS's. I'm pretty sure I did, but if I didn't could someone tell me and I'll fix that right away.

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