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Update - Anniversary Version V1.1

  • Milennin
  • 02/25/2018 07:03 PM
-Reworked the rooftop ninja battle some more, to make it a fairer challenge:
Added a quick dash that can be performed by pressing SPACE, granting invulnerability for a split second while it's used. The dash has a short cooldown, before it can be performed again.
Upon hitting the ninja with a Lightning Bolt, for a short period of time, he gains an electric aura, increasing his visibility, and his movement speed is decreased a little.
Getting hit by the ninja will result in the ninja vanishing for a short period of time, to prevent getting hit multiple times in quick succession.
The ninja is no longer allowed to appear nearby a Lightning Bolt while it is being grabbed by the player, to prevent unfairly getting hit.
Shuriken now properly reset to their starting locations after disappearing, and are no longer able to re-appear in the middle of the arena.
Added the option to lower the difficulty level, after failing to defeat the ninja. Easy Mode increases the ninja's visibility, further lowers his movement speed when getting struck, and reduces the number of shuriken that are thrown.
Reduced the amount of dialogue when challenging the ninja again after a failed attempt.
Fixed an issue with the ninja (non-combat) staying invisible after a failed attempt.

-Added the quick dash as well to the rock gathering challenge inside the magma cave.
-Added the quick dash as well to the King Cyborg Jigg boss battle.
-Hitting the Jigg punching bag 250 times now results in a new and different mini-event.
-Fixed a bug that prevented Zelda from decaying for too long.
-Fixed a few minor dialogue box issues.