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Greetings from the Necrosphere!

  • Puddor
  • 05/25/2013 05:55 AM
So, I've been working on a fairly large overhaul of the game. It's intended to add all the pieces from the original design document that didn't make it into the Lite edition and elaborate on some more of Fionn and Leander's stories.

The game's hard mode is now called Ephemeral, and is simply a stat change to the main characters...because even normal mode has perma-death now. I'll be reducing the effectiveness of Holy/making Memorilux learnt sooner, and Leander's HP has been increased to the Phantasmal setting permanently unless you're playing Ephemeral. I watched Liberty's Let's Judge and found the two rarely actually died unless it was Holy spells, which is why I decided this approach wasn't too absurdly cruel. Reviver has been changed to Harmony, which is auto-revive, and you'll be able to get auto-revives in certain stores and attached to certain equipment.

I'm not just putting it in without adjustments, jeez.

I've also been working on maps and cutscenes; the first sequence has been adjusted slightly, with certain scenes removed or altered, and new boss battles implemented; in the original design document you were meant to be fighting a lot more wolfies than what actually made it in! :V

That said, the soundtrack's been expanded and adjusted to fit these new editions.

This is the theme for werewolf battles.

And this is one of the new areas. The timer will probably be changed to a day/night timer instead, but the basic idea is that you've got a limited amount of time in open area dungeons- Tents can be used to reset the timer, since Leander enchants tents to be sun-proof.

With that mechanic I do have to adjust some of the dialogue slightly, but the visit to Ayrshire is still necessary because of supplies, and Tents don't endure having such heavy-duty magick used on them more than once (hurr).

Hopefully the update will be done soon, but the Lite edition is still available for download and is a complete game in itself; there are things in it that will not make it into the update, including Azriel's dialogue after you beat him.

To finish, have Leander taking a bath and Fionn being a perv.


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