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Yes, Dany? You have a question?

Right! Yeah... those. Hmm. We originally promised seven dragons, didn't we...



Okay, so, Chaos/LouisCyphre and I are taking a break from DD in order to let feedback to come in and the judges do their thing. We have plans to do the second arc of the storyline in the future (re: Kazou), however, including a fair amount of script customization, dialogue re-writes, balance changes, etc. Suffice it to say that your save files will be 100% incompatible.

Still, we need the breather from DD, so it won't be RIGHT NOW. And, well, it's already a complete five-hour game.

Enjoy what's there, please! You might think that holding off means you'd get the best experience, but only with feedback can we make the game better. A lot of the feedback has been... different... so we're a little fuzzy on what people would like to see.

Thank you and have fun with life ~ !


Roaring Triumph ~ Dragons' Descendants Uploaded

The Fire Emblem: Awakening OST fueled most of this game's development.

Well, the game's released! Enjoy!

Special thanks to Karsuman for being a dedicated tester!

I hope y'all like it!

Game Design

Graphical Wonder ~ Documents are Important, Guys

This track has fueled this game so much. You have no idea.

So, time for some screenshots -- of our documents! Exhilarating, I know. Still, it's good practice to keep records of your work, especially when you're on a team. These let us interact easily and the various tools of GDrive let us make the documents themselves simple, clean and eye-pleasing. That's good, because we stare at these for hours each day...

First off, equipment! The red boxes aren't censored, we just haven't named everything yet.

Secondly, our script! It's not done! It's at 51 pages, though. (holy what)

Finally, our character sheets. These detail the abilities and stats of both playable characters and bosses.

(I just used Pixlr to edit out our names... totally bookmarked it just now. Cool site!)


Hopefully this inspires you to start using the wonders of GDrive (or something, even just Notepad) to write up your own documents. It's an important part of game design, in my opinion, and will lead to a more organized project. It also makes it easier to share ideas with team members or friends!

Progress Report

The Way of the Pixel ~ General Progress Update

Our team name is DRAGONSEVEN... definitely has nothing to do with this series. At all.

So, this is the first blog post for Dragons' Descendants, a two-week game made in VX Ace Lite by Craze (me!) and ChaosProductions/LouisCyphre (not me!). Karsuman (definitely not me!) is our official nag, but is not actually making the project in any way -- thought I'd say that since he's listed as part of the team on the contest event page.


Double D is a game about seven people slaying seven dragons. So, let's look at the only sprites I have done so far some of them!

Wow! Gadzooks! What a cast!


Maps: 7/19 Completed, 6/19 In-Progress (5/19 don't exist yet)
Script: 4.5/11 Areas Complete
Playable Characters: 7/7 Designed, ~3 Databased Up
Enemies: ~4/33* Complete
Equipment: 29/60 Complete
Sprites: 8/28 Complete (Note: only 14 of those are full turning/walking sprites.)

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