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The Way of the Pixel ~ General Progress Update

  • Craze
  • 02/11/2013 04:11 PM

Our team name is DRAGONSEVEN... definitely has nothing to do with this series. At all.

So, this is the first blog post for Dragons' Descendants, a two-week game made in VX Ace Lite by Craze (me!) and ChaosProductions/LouisCyphre (not me!). Karsuman (definitely not me!) is our official nag, but is not actually making the project in any way -- thought I'd say that since he's listed as part of the team on the contest event page.


Double D is a game about seven people slaying seven dragons. So, let's look at the only sprites I have done so far some of them!

Wow! Gadzooks! What a cast!


Maps: 7/19 Completed, 6/19 In-Progress (5/19 don't exist yet)
Script: 4.5/11 Areas Complete
Playable Characters: 7/7 Designed, ~3 Databased Up
Enemies: ~4/33* Complete
Equipment: 29/60 Complete
Sprites: 8/28 Complete (Note: only 14 of those are full turning/walking sprites.)