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Game is a bit basic as it was made by abiding RPG Maker VX ACE Lite's limitations due the rules of the contest. Game's name is intentionally a bit silly. There is no combat in this game as it follows more of idea of survival like horror games.


There is a chest which you need to reach and open to win. However reaching that chest is a challenge, albeit bit easy one for more experienced WASD + Shift Wizards. Of course it lets you to save before you proceed further after the certain point as it would get frustrating to watch same intro over and over again everytime monster manages to catch you.


Nameless PC

Your character might look familiar, but definitely. Something is wrong, very wrong with him. Oh well, matter of fact if he remembers who he is, does not really help him anyway at the moment he is escaping for his life. In fact you get to name him.

Shinigami / Death God / God of Death

He/she is hunting you for sport. Don't let him/her to catch you.


Those red eyes should tell you to avoid him. Way more dangerous than Shinigami in this game.

Time Limit

You have 40 seconds to win after certain point, however failing helps you of course proceed further with your new acquired knowledge. Plus the game is short so you figure it out in a reasonable time frame. Just remember your save file for a quick retry.

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  • 02/09/2013 07:39 PM
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Really good game,but i don't get what i am supposed to do
I like how roomy my maps are. It is one of my actual style choices especially in games you are supposed to flee stuff. In case of someone wonders lack of detail in this game.

Anyway, nice to see that you guys like it. :)
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