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Sacred Reviews: Super Escapist Survivor Death Run


I'll admit this one is going to be a bit of a challenge to hit the 300 word minimum on since the game itself is extremely brief. So much so that I'm not joking when I claim this game can be beaten in about 60 seconds. In fact, it takes less time to beat this game then it takes for me to get dressed for work in the morning.


"Super Escapist Survivor Death Run" is an event game that was developed by Clord using RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. And is about trying to outrun death and remember who you are. Unfortunately you just can't avoid the grim reaper for long since you'll inevitably tire and remain in one place for too long.

Though I do wish we could buy a little more time by whacking death in the head while he's napping. After all, only the good die young and were far from being a good guy. At least I assume were a bad guy based on the game's "good" ending. So it's a shame we can't make Arnold Judas Rimmer proud of us by giving death a good whacking.

Not today!

Oh well, I suppose I should move onto the narrative.


You play as a nameless amnesiac whose being pursued by the Grim Reaper for unknown reasons. Your only salvation is to find a chest hidden within one of the rooms in this small house in order to get a glimpse into who you truly are.

The Big Reveal
Your a poor sod whose names been written on a scrap of paper from a Death Note and your only hope is to erase your name from the scrap as quickly as possible, but this does nothing to change your decreed fate. So I'm hoping we were a bad guy and not one of the investigators trying to stop this game's equivalent of Kira.

Does Winning Even Matter
In this game there really isn't a difference between the "bad" and "good" endings. In either case you die. So does it really matter if you know why your about to die? In my opinion it really doesn't matter. On the bright side it does give me a better idea where the contents of the chest are actually helpful, but to get there you need to solve puzzles in various rooms in the house while trying to acquire chest and will need to dodge death during this process as well.


You simply trying to avoid death while running around a small house in search of a small chest located within one of the three rooms. Of course, the game does include a pair of hallways to make the house look a little bigger. And a pair of beginner traps in the forms of locked doors in your starting location. So you'll easily get picked off by death if you try to open them. Instead you need to wait until you get a phone call from your man servant and then swipe a key dropped by the Grim Reaper while he/she naps in order to get out of the first room. After all, that would be my first thought when presented with a puzzle.

Graphics and Music

As far as I can tell the game only makes use of the default assets. As such the game really isn't that impressive on this front, but the game's lack of visual of audio flair is pretty typical of event games. So I really can't complain that much about Clord using the default assets.


In the end I really don't feel that strongly about "Super Escapist Survivor Death Run". On one hand I can see certain people taking a quick look at this game in order to knock out a quick and dirty review/Let's Play. On the other hand, I can see people giving this one a pass since it's an event game with very little to offer in terms of content. As it stands, I'd suggest giving this one a look or pass at your own discretion.