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Media Madness Month: Fan Fiction

  • Liberty
  • 05/18/2013 09:25 PM
Deserter's Reason - mentions of Male/Male romance

Perhaps you wonder why I left him there, with only two bitches for company? It's simple, really.


I've never been one to bother hiding my feelings.

I know, I know. People have told me that I should at least make an effort not to show everything I feel on my face, but I've always thought it a strength, not a weakness, to show others the effects of their words and actions.

I don't hide. I've never been one to cower away from the truth and I'll never ask that others do so either. Nor allow them to. Which is why when I met him I...

I guess he could tell at first glance how I felt. It's funny how you meet some people and know - just know - that you will somehow be, well, more than just acquaintances. More than friends, even.

I could say that I knew I'd love him in that moment, but it would be a lie and I already established that's not my thing. No, I didn't know I would love him. I didn't know he would love me. Or at least, would think he loved me. I only knew that there was something about him that... called to me, I guess. That makes sense, right?

So we met and he left and I, well, I followed. And when he stumbled, when he fell or became tired, it was me who was there to push him on, cheer him up and stand beside him. I made him laugh until tears poured from his eyes. I made his smile with silly rhymes and stupid observations. When nightmares would wake him, I was the one there to give comfort.

When comfort wasn't enough... When the darkness tried to drown him and push him to the edge, it was my hands he held, my body he cherished, my lips he kissed, my breaths he shared. I made him moan and beg and need. I made him cry for more and scream himself hoarse into the pillows of roadside inns. Me!

For days and months.

Years, we stood, shoulder to shoulder.

And then she came into our lives. She of curled hair and fluttering lashes. She of breasts and titters and soft skin and legs and red lips pursed in disapproval. An accident in a red dress, that fashionista from hell on heels who came and stole him, piece by piece. A laugh here, a touch there.

Less, he came to me. Less, he leaned on my shoulder. Less and less for me became more and more for she. And that day finally came where I realised that the road ahead was too narrow for three to walk shoulder to shoulder.

That day... I left. I left and she stayed.

And She Stands
It's close now, the close of our journey. The thing we've been fighting our long life together to reach. The End. So final, but somehow, not as frightening as I used to think. It's just another step in our road, now. Just that one more. A single step.

He hesitates, looks to me. Just watches. I wonder what he sees, cataracts in his once-clear eyes. An old woman whose skin hangs from her face in folds so soft, so pale? A loyal companion, one who has been by his side, held him during betrayal and defeat and never left? Perhaps the young woman I used to be, my lips red and cheeks ruddy, eyes just as clear as his of the past; just as alive?

He stares, I stare. All's quiet beyond our laboured breaths and the soft sound of my pulse, racing in my ears as it always has when his attention is focussed on me. That hasn't changed, not since the moment he first laid eyes on me.

The air is charged with some great promise as he leans down - not so far as he had to, once, now that his back is bent with age - and kisses me. It's the last time. I know that. He pulls back, his lips dry and cracked turn up at the corners, making folds within folds on his face. I know that smile, pasted on when he's afraid but trying to be brave on my account.

Tears sting my eyes. I return the smile, shakily. Why am I now finding it harder to breathe? Why can't we have longer? I want so much more! More time, more memories, more laughter and tears! I want to wake up to him and smile as he trips over his own feet and scream back when he yells. I want forever and always, to be by his side beyond time itself. I want... another day, another year, another thousand breaths, another life with him at my shoulder.

I-I'm not ready for the last step, the last smile or kiss or breath! I'm not ready for any of this! I want more than just one life can hold, more than what we've already had!

My breath catches in my chest as I think of all the time wasted, all the nights we slept instead of talking and loving and just watching each other. All the little moments we never shared, the silences we never talked through, the yelling matches and fights and cold shoulders and ignoring that could have been laughter and joy and memories instead. All of it, wasted time.

And now, at the last, he's content just to watch and smile. Doesn't he care? This is the last time we'll be together and he ... no. No, I know he cares. I know he's hurting as much as I behind that smile. He's just... braver than me. Better at fighting. Better at beating the odds, the pain.

I take his hand, frail bones and wasted flesh wrapped in papery skin, and squeeze. Let him know that I am with him, always. Beyond always.

We turn, as one - always as one - towards the next, last hurdle, and step. Hands tight, breaths caught, eyes watering, decision made. Our last choice is, as it has been since our first meeting, one made together.


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For now.
I know it was kinda different to what you were probably hoping, but they kinda just came to me. Well, I wrote the male/male one and then felt guilty so the other one had to be written for balance. >.<
Hehehe, you shouldn't feel guilty about writing homosexual stuff. Though I had to read each part a couple of times to get it. I'm still processing relations to the game, though. Might take some time until I give you proper feedback! :D
Ah, if it helps I could at least share my thoughts on how they came to me. The first is Main Character and friend. A stalwart companion until he left - though he stayed a while after you got the girl. I wanted to show his reason for leaving - but I guess I kinda missed the mark. XP

The girl... well, I was going to aim for how I finished - the Tower boss, but he kinda got cut out. I figured, the step that kills them - that last experience-draining step into new territory - knowing it would kill them, they still chose to take it.

Well, that's what I was aiming for at least.

Oh, it was less guilt for writing it and more that it was so short and that it wasn't really what I'd meant to write... and I guess that you might not appreciate the leaning of it, either, though I've no idea if you do or not. And I wanted to cover the girl a bit more in some way.

The hero remained a silent hero in the end.
Well, I HAD pictured that, both the stories... including the part where they walk to the final boss. It's not really obscure!

I do like it! Feels like when mature artists draw elaborate versions of kid cartoons. It's kinda funny that you came up with such mature stories behind the game's explicit plot when you gave characters silly names in your playthrough!

Thanks a lot!
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