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Progress Report

ETA: End of December & a few notes

I'm not one to abandon games that I've publicly revealed ;)

That said, this game will definitely receive its conclusion. For now, take a few gameplay tips (no story spoilers, but spoilers for gameplay, I guess):

Events happen based on number of times you've done an activity, as well as based on whose route you're on + the #of days left.

There are two definite situations per route- one where your shop is in debt, the other where it is not. Shop income is calculated per day and increases as your quality of food and service increase. Food quality points increases the revenue more than service points do, and hype points are multipliers that can double/triple/quadruple/raise sales through the roof.

Hype points are gained whenever you max either service or cooking (or do an activity that you have already maxed) and are usually reset at the end of each day (Permanent hype points gained through media exposure last pretty much forever). Each additional hype point multiplies that day's earnings by 150%, and this multiplier stacks.

I hope that can help with those who have trouble getting out of debt. It's definitely possible, especially if you're on William's route. Just keep going to the kitchen every day, and you'll soon be rolling in dough. Figuratively, literally, and money-wise.

Progress Report

1.8/3 characters complete

William: Complete, has 3 endings
Kyle: No "official" endings, but most of the interactions are complete
John: Who's that?

Sadly, I didn't make the Oct. 31 deadline. But this game will definitely be complete by the end of Thanksgiving!


1/3 characters complete

William's route is complete, and a demo download has been added.

I think I can maybe make the Oct.31 deadline! Hurrah! (before it was like "nope, this isn't happening", so improvement, at least)

To actually play the demo, you should only go to the "kitchen" area. The rest are working, but rather boring since 2/3 of it is still incomplete.


Story Events: 15% Complete

I've decided to change the way routes are set up. Instead of by character, it's going to be by day.
That said, there will be 15 days total in which you select activities. Hopefully, this will lend some structure to the game.
Currently, about 3 of those 15 days are complete, so we're looking at a 20%ish completion here. However, endings tend to take longer to write, so let's say... 15%?

I have about 11 days left, if I wrote a day per day maybe I could get this done on time C: Well, wish me not luck, but perseverance...

As always, the download to the super early version is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x7g2pzndrpn7mym/Sweet_Tooth_0.1Alpha-all.zip


Download added

As this is by no means an official download, you can get it here:


Progress Report

Download to be added

It has 1 and possibly half of a route, and may break if touched in a certain angle.

Download if you want to see/copy the UI and stuff (I don't mind xD), I guess. It's more of a proof of concept than anything.

The thing is, I don't have any more vacation days this month, and I'm not sure if I can finish by October 31st :X I'm really hoping I can finish all this for the event, though, but we'll see.

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