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Tyler is a young boy who decides to follow in his father's footsteps and search for the "Great Treasure" - a treasure his father spent his life looking for.

This game is all about travelling. Seeing new places, meeting new people. The game is lighthearted and not too serious or pretentious. However, the game has an immense RPG feel as the plot unwinds it becomes beyond imaginable...


-Over 10 explorable towns.
-Over 300 Maps.
-4-6 Hours of Game Play.
-Minigame and Sidequests.
-Several dungeons ranging from your typical foggy forest, to your pirate cave, to your haunted swamp, to your Ice Cavern, to your mountain range, to your underground lab, and so on...
-8 Playable characters - and a party member switch screen
-Vehicles: travel the world.
-Split Scenarios
-Tons of treasure and items to find!
-Unique Bosses
-Fun, light heart adventure




Other Originals:
Boss Music/Battle w/ Noel -Couchfiend
Game Over Music - Deluge
Old Sage's Theme - Zachary Burgeson
Flash Back - Erave/Matt Hill
Polar - Matt Hill

Title Screen:

Sacred Trial Story By:
Matt Hill

*Erave composed around half of the music including:
-Title Screen (Title Screen)
-Main Theme (Theme)
-World Map (World Map),
-Victory Theme (CC-Victory1)
-Inn Theme (CC-Inn)
-Feed the Horses (CC-animal)
-Brown (Castle1)
-Mini Boss Theme (CC-Boss)
-Epic Battle Theme (CC-EpicBattle)
-Benzola Swamp (Dungeon1)
-Dad's Book (Memories of Dad)
-OOC Mountain (Mountain)
-Josh's Lab (CC-BegDungeon)
-Pirate's Cave (CC-Lair)
-Humor (Humor)

**CblockDis composed around half of the music:
-Battle Theme (Battle1)
-Crisis Theme (Crisis1)
-Sadness Theme (Farewell)
-Sky Dungeon (Skydungeon)
-Rallah Village (Village 3)
-Castle/Royal Theme (Castle 3),
-Noel's Theme (Thief)
-Cave Theme (cave)
-ZaknNik's Theme (gag)
-Ice Cavern (Ice Cavern).

***I collected the following songs from rm2k/3/XP RTP:
-Ship Theme


Other Things:

A new demo is out! Download it now!

Latest Blog

We're Back

I'm not sure about Fighter but I am 100% sure that I might start working on this again. I re-examined the game and I realized that through the 1000s of times I play tested it I fixed a lot of clunky dialogue and gameplay.

Anyway, with that being said the game is quite lengthy and I think I will finish it!

  • Production
  • Erave
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure RPG
  • 06/11/2007 08:56 PM
  • 10/16/2021 01:54 PM
  • N/A
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Pages: 1
This game is pretty cool if you ask me. :O
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
From what I've played, it's pretty decent. I dig the music.
A good demo all around for the old school RPGer. Although it is still a beta and has a few glitches you will deffinetly enjoy yourself.
I downloaded the updated version which supposedly has "bug fixes", and it found SEVERAL missing resources. I tried replacing them, and then I got sick of doing it. There was no system 3, a few towns, no veihcle set, lots of stuff like that. Perhaps I have made a mistke, do you need version 1 before version 2? if so, let me know.
myersguy, I think you need the RTP installed.
My RTP was installed, and most other games worked at the time, so I don't jknow what happened. I am on my new laptop now though, so I may try to get it to work again.
Great Game. Has an RM2k Feel to it.
game got lots of potential. =D
when will download link become available again?
I'm expecting the download link to appear in maybe a week? Stay tight guys :)
What's the matter with the download? BTW, I wouldn't download it just yet, I still need to update a bug free version once the testers are done with it.
This game has such a nice charm to it. Great work Erave.
Good music, some of the maps are okay...
I can't stand just how generic everything is, though.
It feels like I've played the game twenty times before
on my first runthrough. The only real qualities of the
game are the music and maybe one or two puzzles. I thought
the area change messages were pretty cool.

P.S. The game fails extensively with dialogue and mapping.
Began working on this again! Not sure when it'll be done.
Game was very enjoyable although easy I was sad that I couldnt get past the part where i look for Melenia after leaving the inn. Is that as far as this game got?
This is RTP Only right? It better have the RTP battle characters. I would like to request for more games that use these. I think "swan" ___ does.
Game was very enjoyable although easy I was sad that I couldnt get past the part where i look for Melenia after leaving the inn. Is that as far as this game got?

Hard to remember at this point. It was so long ago.
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