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Announcing the demo

Hello again RMN! :)

There's a multitude of NPCs that I still need to write for. There's a ton of maps that I still need to map out. There's a ton of cut-scenes that still need to be added. And the entire thing still needs a lot of polish. But, progress is being made. I have reached a small milestone where just over 1/4 of the overall game is now playable. So, without further adieu...

Here Comes the DEMO! (And testing, too, hopefully!)
Most of the demo, even though it's sad to say, is just all of the prologue plus half of chapter one. I know, not even a full chapter, but it still offers around thirty minutes of gameplay, most of which, is just cut-scenes and getting to know the characters and lay of the story. There are two big plot moments that might shock, surprise, wake up some of you. So, I'm looking forward to hearing all of your comments, whether they're good or bad. I'll take 'em all!

I'm trying to think if there's anything else... Oh! Uh, there's one more thing: I'll be searching for testers some time down the road. I only mention this now in case you play the demo, like the demo, and would like to help me, uh, test Dragon's Dream. If you would like to do that, then you can just leave a comment here under this blog or anywhere really on the game's page, or send me a private message. Which ever way you prefer.

The demo doesn't have a set date, but it's going to be here really soon.


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I feel stupid for using "adieu" instead of "ado."

I will be waiting for the demo ;)
I will be waiting for the demo ;)

Hey! Thanks. It'll be ready really soon. :)
Still progressing toward finishing the demo. I'm just trying to find a cliff hanger to end it with!
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