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Life Precious is qualified for the Alex d'Or 2013 contest

  • mtarzaim
  • 09/14/2013 09:02 AM
Alex d'Or is the main RM contest for the french community, where RM projects of the year are presented to be judged, nominated in various categories, and awarded for the best of them.
To be nominated in any award, a game must first be qualified as a playable/interesting game by the jury. It's mainly to avoid wasting time with joke projects, and to decrease the number of projects to evaluate, by keeping the most promising of the bunch.

Life Precious has been judged good enough to be among those lucky ones.
That's great news for the game, given its ambition and limitations. I don't expect any nomination, since there's a lot of great games this year, with more to offer. It still is a small victory for this project, fulfilling its main objective: making a decent game with RM VX Ace Lite and beginner skills.

While most of the most interesting projects are in french (la 7eme porte, Zeeshan, Wano x Yaxto, The Other, Black Dressed Autistic 2, Fleur, le tombeau de Taal Rash'a), you should also check a few of them.
Mainly Ludu and MegaMike, perfectly enjoyable without any mastery in froggy gibberish. Or Your Star for that matter, already available in english on this very website.