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Life Precious 1.1.2 available

  • mtarzaim
  • 05/22/2013 06:55 PM
Corrected a bug where, in some occasions, the merchant would leave the hideout just before the final scene, ruining the mood. Some spelling mistakes corrected in the process, as some improvements (so small you would barely notice them) on a few maps.
File size has been reduced, thanks to emptying unused Battlers, Titles and Battlebacks directories.

Game saves remain compatible.
So you should be able to play again from any of your old save files.

I kept the old 1.1.1 version on RMN, since it might be needed for the end of the recent Release Something Weekend. That version remains playable, and, except for this fleeing merchant mishap, it would be as enjoyable as the new one.

The website has also been updated.
Nothing big and fancy, just the english game installer put online. :p
An artbook, presenting more about the game, its conception, and some ingame tips, should available near the 28th of May.