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A Game About Treasure Hunter

My playtime: 01:04:25 (based on in game clock, last save before ending; actual playtime is around ~2.5h)

Life Precious is a stealth game where you have to find a treasure in a ruin while hiding from any guards nearby. There are 5 main dungeons with 4 mini game areas in it.

I enjoyed the music. I think the music matches well with the environments.

The game's mappings are great. I like the dungeon design and how the area is not too simple and yet too hard to navigate.

The game will start with a prologue that shows a father and his daughter. I'm gonna say that the story is very well made, and i don't really find anything weird from the story except the fact that the daughter suddenly have a male friend that she brings with her for treasure hunting. The story of the father and the daughter reminds me with Hunter X Hunter a bit though.

Lastly, i think that the game's grammar needs to be polished a bit more, especially on the prologue.

You already can read at that age? Really?

The game
As i said before, this is a stealth game so you have to go unnoticed by any guards while reaching your treasure chest to finish the area. However, there are also some traps that might bother you from reaching your destination too and you'll be in "quick action" mode when you somehow trigger it. In "quick action" mode, you'll have to press any button showed in the screen quickly or you'll lose a life.

Speaking of life, you'll have 3 life that will regenerate in each dungeons. Touching any guards, reacting too slow on "quick action" mode, or being attacked by enemy will reduce your life and reset your position back to the spot where you came from. You'll reach game over once you run out of life, of course.

Press it, quick!

You'll also have a dash ability to help you to avoid the guards. This ability can be activated with "d" button and you can go quickly for a short time. However, this dash ability will automatically cancels whenever you trigger a trap. Also, if you use it right before moving to other area, you'll waste the ability and have to wait for its long cool down. The thing is, the character moves very slow without the dash button that i ended up pressing it all the time whenever it recharges.

In later levels, you'll also be prompted to jump. Jumping can be done with your action button (usually triggered by Z button). However, there are a lot of bugs that come from this jumping ability. For example, in the ruins with mine carts in it, i ended up getting out of bounds from jumping right before the cart stops. This out of bounds also happens on the last dungeon when i try to retrieve a raft. Sometimes, the game will automatically reset you to the nearest area if this happen. However, in cases where the game doesn't do its job properly, you'll stuck in that place and you'll have no choice but to restart.

Speaking of bugs, the world map also has a bug. If you play around with the arrow buttons, your character might end up going in a wrong way. There's even an occasion where i can move to every corner of the map by doing so.

The game's dungeons are actually quite challenging, especially the last one. I even got stuck several times just to find the right way to the treasure chest. I honestly enjoyed the exploration from the dungeon, although sometimes the traps are being too close that it's hard for me to make out where should i go next.

The game also has some mini games that can help you to get more money to buy some collectables. These mini games are usually centered about collecting gold in their own different ways. I enjoyed playing some of them.

Speaking of collectables, there are some collectables that you can find aside from the main treasure chests. There are these diary notes that you can find in each area (indicated with a white sparkle) that will contain some information about the main character's father. Since you can't re explore the dungeons that you have visited before, you can buy any notes that you missed from a merchant for a cheap price.

There are also multiple endings in this game. I don't know how many there are, but i got 2 endings from playing the game.

- 5 dungeons/ruins
- 4 different optional mini games
- Multiple endings
- Collectables

- Character runs very slow
- Jumping issues
- Bug when you navigate through the world map
- Dashing is cancelled when you trigger a trap

This is a promising stealth game. Sadly, there are a lot of bugs and issues that makes it hard to enjoy the game to the fullest. The character also walks very slowly and it makes dashing to be my way of "speeding" things up, and not "avoiding" enemies.