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Final Eclipse is a combination of an FPS and dungeon crawler, inspired by System Shock 2. It has a fully working pseudo-3D engine, inventory and equipment systems, logbook, enemies, and weapons. This is simply the demo version, for now.

Final Eclipse is back in active development. Adding in some old unused assets, but more important, will be getting new content from the original artist, Corey Annis! The engine has already received some significant under the hood upgrades. Please look out for some further updates to this page soon!

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Final Eclipse lives once more!

So I'm back.. again..! Another new burst of inspiration and I'm back on the scene. The original Final Eclipse team has reunited, and we are working to finally finish this long overdue game. Already some new features have been added; environmental interaction with buttons and doors, decals that overlay on top of walls for things like blood, switches, and other details.

I can't promise regular updates, but look forward to seeing more soon! Some new screenshots have been uploaded, enjoy! :)
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  • Action Shooter
  • 04/24/2008 12:24 AM
  • 11/09/2019 02:49 AM
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Haha holy shit this looks exactly like a 2D System Shock, will try out demo when I get back from school.
Hey this is really impressive man. I downloaded the demo, but when I started to fight a monster it lagged pretty bad. It might just be me. Great work though!
RMN sex symbol
The screenshots remind me a lot of Doom for some reason haha. Looks great man, I'll check this out a bit later.
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iamnot, ika doesn't run so well on computers with GPUs that can't do OpenGL very well.
Thanks for the comments everyone. :) This is actually a game I originally made almost 5 years ago now.. kinda scary to think about! But now I've dug it up, and hoping to work on it and maybe even finish it sometime soon. Keep your eyes on it if you're interested. :)
Actually, the slowdown is likely due to the old version of audiere in the RAR, which has given me no shortage of trouble over the years.
Wow.. a game made with ika, it looks really cool. Wow, plws. finish this
This game is pretty cool. Although, it becomes crash prone when you are using the autorilfe while moving.
Looks amazing and really fun, but when I run it my computer has a seizure. I don't know.
Okay, this looks fucking awesome.

+1 Download.
Returning from RMVX Death
Good Lord, it reminds me of doom! lol loving the style... :)
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