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Oh nooo buuuuugs

  • Rhyme
  • 11/03/2014 03:27 AM
o noo

The main download has been updated to correct the following issues:
  • improved map processing allowing it to run much smoother on map
  • About the Dungeon not displaying anything before entering
  • Some items can be consumed out of battle when they're not supposed to oops
  • A chest being blocked by impassable tiles.
  • Random targeting skills targeting one target.
  • Passability issues on some maps!
  • Prevent progress if the player hasn't reported progress to the Dusk Garden, and
  • Allowing players to arrive at the first Returner Crystal before returning to town after defeating the boss

For those who has already downloaded, you guys can download simply the archive file for 1/3rd of the filesize!


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Tear Harvester Rhyme
had to reupdate the archive for another bug that appeared ;w;
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