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  • Rhyme
  • 06/24/2015 11:05 AM
Fixed a bit of stuff from recent comments!
Devourer of All will not pierce Moon Shard's reflect - but it will no longer get one-shot by it.

  • Crawler's First Strike is given a higher activation rate.
  • First Strike's damage is slightly increased.
  • Natalie's Thunderstorm has increased damage.
  • Felicie's Passive effect has been changed: Brave Strider lets her recover HP whenever she attacks an enemy with higher HP rate than her.
  • Cirine's Assassinate's damage is increased.
  • Overdrive Bomb now inflicts a state that reduces the Flare resistance of all targets.
  • Timeless Blaze no longer one-hit kills the Devourer of All (oops ahaha)

  • Changes to a few of the enemies' drop rates.
  • New equipment may occasionally drop from enemies!
  • More equipment can grant skills to the owner!!
  • A few equipment's stats are altered.
  • Anger Fang and Tiger Fang's Counter chance is reduced.
  • Star Shard and Moon Shard's Reflect chance is reduced.

  • Malevolent Flame's Flame Shells have more HP
  • Devourer of All resists Timeless Blaze

  • Increased the speed of all UI animations.
  • Uploaded the file directly to rpgmaker.net because my internet is good now :3c

2.4 Data folder
* this file is for developers who wish to see how the project looks like within the editor. it does NOT include any graphical assets. you will NOT be able to modify and test play it! please make sure!

it also contains the entire database so you can poke in and see exactly what the numbers are if you really wanted to

All save files should be compatible!