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Name : Ankharia
Genre : Puzzle, Platformer
Engine : Unity 3.2
Current Version : Complete Game V 1.04
Size : 50 MB

- no installation needed, just download and run the exe
- 3 save slots including auto save function
- controls are using keyboard or a gamepad ( analog stick supported)
- default keys can be redefined on game start

How to Update:
If you have played a previous version of the game, you don't want to start
from the beginning again. You can use your old saves with the new version. The save files are located in the games folder in /Ankharia_Data/Savegames/
Simply copy the whole /Savegames folder and paste it into the new /Ankharia_Data folder. That's it.

Ankharia is a small puzzle platformer developed with the Unity 3D Engine. It is a remake of an old Commodore64 game called "Acia" developed by Peter Kaul in 1989.
The game has 10 stages witch 3 difficulties each.

The Start:

In the splash screen you can redefine the input keys and choose your graphic settings like quality and resolution. The game can be played in window mode or in fullscreen.

After that you are in the start game screen. The game has 3 save slots, just choose one and select play game. By deafault Ankharia has autosave enabled, so you don't have to care to save manually. Allways leave the game with the exit function. Using alt-f4 or taskmanager could result in game data loss.

Note: In the start screen you can play a tutorial, which explains all game elements. So if you want to start right away, you can simply skip the following descriptions.

Game Controls :

The controls are very simple:

Character movement / menu navigation : Direction Keys or analog Joystick
Action / Confirm : RETURN or Joypad Button 1
Menu / Pause : ESCAPE or Joypad Button 0

Theese are the default settings, you can define your own input keys in the start splash screen.

The Stage Select Screen:

The stage select screen is similar to the Chocobo Panic Series.
Available stages have a green cross in the grid, beaten stages show a star.
If you beat a stage, the next difficulty of that stage is playable.
To unlock new stages you need a special amount of stars earned by completing stages. The stages 8 and 10 are special as you need silver and golden ankhs to unlock them. Those ankhs are hidden in the previous stages on difficulty normal and hard.

The Main Menu:

Press the menu button ( default is Escape or Joystick Button 0) to access the main menu. Here you can save the game manually ( not really needed, if autosave is enabled), read the credits, listen to the ingame music and change the volume of the music and sound effetcs.

The Game :

Main character of the game is Seso, a one-eyed pyramid shaped guy. His task is to destroy all color blocks in a stage by touching them and reach the exit. The tricky thing is, seso needs to have the same color of the blocks he wants to destroy. To change Sesos color you have to use color buttons.

A short list of the game elements:

color buttons - change sesos color so he can destroy the blocks
multi color blocks - blocks that have 2 colors. You have to touch them twice with the shown colors to destroy them
enemies - they move around in the stages. Keep away from them, as touching them will cost you a life
traps - there are different traps in the game like spikes on the ground. Don't touch them.
ankh blocks
- those blocks exist in 4 colors: red, green, blue and yellow. You have to find an ankh switch of the fitting color to remove them.
teleporters - they will move seso to the second teleport spot of the same color
arrows - force seso in a specific direction
coins - collect them to buy special items in the overworld shop
ankhs - you need them to unlock the stages 9 and 10. Look out for silver ankhs on the stages in difficulty normal and for golden ankhs on hard. Sometimes they are well hidden.

If you lose a life, seso will wait for respawn and the starting point of the stage. Press the action button ( default RETURN or joystick button 1) to make him respawn. If you lose all lifes, you will be teleported back to the level select screen. Your lifes will then be restocked to the minimum of 3.

Hint: you can allways press the menu button in a stage to pause the game. In the pause menu you can adjust the camera distance and even leave the current stage. But notice: if you leave a stage, you will lose all coins found in that stage.

The Shop:

In the level select screen you can access the shop. Here you can buy extra lifes and special items:

bombs - used to blow away things
eyes - show hidden paths and items. Use them on eye plates.
keys - open large gates

you can have up to 5 of each of theese items. If you reach a spot in a stage where you could use an item, a hint will appear. Press the action button to use the item or simply walk away to skip.
The special items are needed to get all ankhs to open the bonus stages 9 and 10.

Well, that's it.

I hope you like the game. Have fun!

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This looks like my kinda game. Good luck! Subbed!

EDIT: Hey, it comes out in two days. Awesome!
Betatest ended yesterday with some minor bug reports. So, yes, relase will be tomorrow. I still have to fix some things and write a more detailed game descrition though.

€dit: As promised, the full version is now available.

Have fun!
welp, so much for my plan to feature this as a Development Spotlight!
Well, I'm still working on it.
I still get bug reports and work on some details.
And a friend records some audio files, that I have to include when they are finsihed.
So, there will at least be 2 or 3 more update versions of the game until its really finished.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
This game looks amazing. I'll give it a go!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Just completed this today. Great game! I'd say the only thing that made me frown was that the lava looks like red kool-aid. The hit detection, particularly with your teleporters, are a bit overly sensitive as well, but those are just nitpicks. Your game is solid.

... Is it me or are Puzzle/non-RPG games simply not popular with this community?
Just completed this today. Great game! I'd say the only thing that made me frown was that the lava looks like red kool-aid. The hit detection, particularly with your teleporters, are a bit overly sensitive as well, but those are just nitpicks. Your game is solid.

... Is it me or are Puzzle/non-RPG games simply not popular with this community?

SUPER late response, but no, I love puzzle games very, very much, but this IS 'RPG'maker.net after all.
This game kind of reminds me of "Crash Bandicoot"... excellent job.

(BTW, you're the same guy who made all those "Chocobo Panic" games, right? Wow... After seeing all this, you sure have come a LOOOOONNNNNNNNG way since then. ^^)
Played through tonight - neat game, thank you for making it.

If you're looking to change anything - other than *maybe* the final level, for me by FAR the hardest - and the only other one I ever had to restart - was one of the earliest ones, 2-3. If you aren't EXTREMELY careful, you keep moving after entering a teleporter, and most of those teleporters go to spaces with spikes one square away ... assuming messing with the controls isn't an option, maybe move the spikes one square away?
Of what I have played of the game its great and really fun but I noticed some problems with the collision boxes on the characters. I dont know if this is something you can fix because I have never used Unity but there were times when over half my character was covered up by one of those sliding spike balls and it did not register as a hit.
Hey, Great Game. I am only half way and so far so good. I am familiar with the Unity Engine and I have to say this is very good work. I Will give you more feed back as I dive in further into the levels.
Download link leads to a 404. The hosting site is completely empty.
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