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A game for the Lite Cook-Off contest which was made in less than a week due to life being a giant inconvenience. More than likely too much of an in-joke to be understood by anyone.

You play as Liberty. Upon seeing one too many people complaining about the opposite gender, she takes it upon herself to do something about it and show people the error of their thinking. By making them spend a day as the opposite gender, she hopes they will learn to coexist more peacefully. Cherry pie, the magical persuasive food, is her genderbending weapon of choice. However, there are a few evil spiders and man-eating trees who would seek to stop her quest..

So far planned or near complete:
- Action battle system using S and D keys to bumrush spiders and throw pies. These can only be used on spiders and humans respectively, so make sure you're pressing the right button (wouldn't want to waste a perfectly good pie on an enemy by mistake!).
- Enemies drop an abundance of ingredients, healing items and money which can be used to buy both back in town.
- Pie baking minigame where you have to keep the temperature at an optimum level to prevent Libby's faulty cooker from ruining your desserts. The better you are, the more pie you get for your ingredients.
- Dungeon (possibly more, but dunno if can make before deadline) to explore with a boss at the end for extra goodies! Save up as many pies as you can before you face the boss, or you can use melee/projectiles depending on your playstyle/deathwish.

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  • 02/16/2013 12:28 AM
  • 07/04/2015 10:55 AM
  • 02/18/2013
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"My father told me this would happen."
Of all the Lite games, I'm anticipating this one the most.
Thank you! For any particular reason? XD
"My father told me this would happen."
It seems as though it will be the most entertaining to play.

But mainly the Man-Eating Trees.
This is so awesome. I don't get the (I assume private) joke, but still! So fun!
I too wish I could get the jokes. =( ...Anyway. I enjoyed this a bit. My only complain would be that the menu is bit too hard to navigate in the middle of the action. I almost died a couple of times trying to eat a Tim Tam. And I did die once believing the Tim Tam Slam would be my triumph card to finally defeat the tree. Ugh! >_>;

Edit: Genderbent anime pr0n? ...Do not want! :(
The Tim Tam Slam is indeed a very risky endeavour! Maybe I should have explained a bit better on how they work.. but the tree is supposed to be HELLA difficult because there isn't actually any gameplay after that. I had about two hours every night for one week to work on this, so it's probably a miracle I even completed it!

There is a switch called "Stop Enemies" which makes all the enemies stop moving so they can't attack you. It'd activate whenever you opened the menu, but I started to encounter a bug where you'd come out of the menu and be attacked by thin air a couple times (much, much more annoying I believe!). I didn't have enough time or brain power to fix it at the time, so unfortunately it had to be taken away completely and enemies could move during menu opening. D: If it's too bothersome and you want to risk the bug harming you (it seriously takes off about 3 hearts without anything ever touching you) to stop the enemies moving while the menu is open, you should be able to just turn the switch on at the top of the common event in the game file.

Oh, and the joke is pretty much just that Libby very occasionally shares a NSFW image of a genderbent One Piece character presenting a cherry pie and it tortures your eyes/mind. The other jokes are mainly Australia-related. :P
It's a funny joke, you should all see it some time~

I look forward to playing this~ Genderbending for the win~
I warn you that the boss is supposed to be difficult because I didn't have time to put in any other gameplay, so grind dem piez before you face him. And don't rage pls. D:
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Wh-what kind of pie!?
ok i played for 40+ minutes and came to the conclusion that theres no end to hitting people with pies the game ends by you beating the tree by

hitting it with around 40-50 or so pies

i dont think there was any story outside of the opening cutscene.
i liked the title and the gameplay was indeed fun for a little bit.
i suppose i wished there was more plot after the final boss.
getting a little of what the results of your actions were if you will.
the stove was a interesting idea as well.
1st time seeing that type of script

overall this was a decent/good experience

looking forward to Destitute
and ill be playing your other game not a chance of a ghost soon : D

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