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Metroid Nexus is a fangame I'm working on. I'm currently using the ZeroEngine made by Zas. This fangame will be quite short (because it's probably my first GM game I'm actually working on.

Z = Jump
A = Shoot
LSHIFT = select missiles
Enter = pause

There's going to be about 4 areas in the game.
Area 1: Surface
Area 2: Caverns
Area 3: Depths
Area 4: ???

Full Version
The full, finished version will have:
• all 4 areas finished
• 2-3 bosses
• achievements, hopefully (only on Game Jolt)
• artifacts, hopefully

Latest Blog

Demo 1 released!

Finally! The first demo is now available. It's quite short (but still 1/4 of the full game). If you like Metroid, be sure to try Metroid Nexus!
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  • 02/16/2013 01:50 PM
  • 02/21/2013 09:29 PM
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Looks pretty sweet. There just aren't enough 2D Metroid games, ya know?
I really hope you finish it, good luck
Oh wow, this looks really really really good! I'm a Metroid fan and I loved Super Metroid, Zero Mission, and Fusion very much. This game looks great and polished. I hope you succeed in whatever it is you're doing for the game. *subbed*
Not bad. The engine is a little clumsy and not having 60FPS in a Metroid game makes things awkward, plus the hit detection seems to be a little off in places.

But from what it sounds like, you're just using an engine someone else made so I'm not really sure if you can fix these things.
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