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Play as your custom hero, traveling through the world in search of fame and glory... and maybe a paycheque or two... As you explore the land you will meet some likely (and not so likely) characters who will join you on your way. Each time you play, based on a short quiz at the introductory screen, you will have a different cast of characters!

This game is made for the VX Ace Lite Cookoff event. It was built using VX Ace Lite software, along with some graphics and musics downloaded (explicitly free for use) from the internet. Through production TWO computers died and all the non-map data files were lost the eve before the final day of the contest. The developer lost hope for a long moment, but managed to re-create the data files from a mish-mash of earlier backup files.


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All dressed up...!

This is the first game I have produced explicitly for the RMN website.
The efforts that went into its creation have been massive... and unexpected.
At first I felt that it would be simple, but the more I worked with the time constraints in my mind, the more I wanted to cram in there.

Through production I had TWO computers (one desktop, one laptop) die untimely deaths, with the laptop being resurrected just in time to allow me to complete the project. When the desktop failed, all the data files in "Deception" were in process. I had the fortune that I could transfer what I was working on to the laptop (from the desktop hard disk, which was not destroyed when the CPU got zapped/dead). When the Laptop got tired of working, the program was open and ALL the data files in the game were corrupted with the sudden loss of power. When the laptop was up and running again, I was almost in tears looking at two weeks' intensive work vaporized.

My wonderful wife mentioned that I had the data on the hard disk from the desktop machine, and that I could use that. Initially I said it was 4 days back, and the contest ends in less than 36 hours, but my wife insisted and I decided to have a look. Lo and behold, the data files were the only part that was corrupted, and I could combine the finalized map files with the back-dated data files...!!!

This lead to the game as it is now. A few changes have been made (there were some monsters updated, and some items were replaced) but the main difference is the last area (homage to a certain final fantasy) which was not nearly as shiny previously. This final area was banished to the nether-verse by the map-swapping business (tileset data was gone) so it was re-done in its current splendor.

I hope to get feedback on this game, as I have several other large projects in mind and this seems like a good community to assist in making that a reality. I have been working on a chapter-by-chapter game series to learn the program, and "Deception" is the 3rd game I have completed, with a 4th currently on hold for the contest duration. Hopefully at some point I manage to upload the other two so you wonderful people can critique the hell out of it.

Thanks for reading (and playing)...
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  • 02/16/2013 09:45 PM
  • 10/30/2014 03:04 AM
  • 02/17/2013
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Ok, so... The game started out well. The little quiz that determines your party was a very nice touch. It made me feel very comfortable with the characters I ended up getting... I don't know why I got Rita, though. She's kind of a brat. =P

The mapping seemed fine at first. Cute little towns and all. The indoors mapping is a tad too big an empty, but nothing to make a fuss over it. But the dungeon mapping/design however, is pretty bad. Terrible even. Terribad! ...Long, boring mazes full with dead ends and random encounters every few steps. Argh!! I mean, why would you do something like this? Did you put any thought at all into these maps or where they randomly generated? Were you trying to artificially increase the playtime or something? xP

Unto the story... Well, there isn't any as far as I could tell. This is your typical one-huge-fetch-quest kind of rpg. Which wouldn't be so bad if not for the aforementioned insufferable journeys between point A and point B. ...The difficulty curve, the availability of new items, and the balance of the skills seemed good enough for a game made in two weeks, so I'll probably finish it later anyway; But right now if I take just another wrong turn that leads me to a dead end or to a measly potion, I'll punch my computer screen.
Third game I've made using the software... still getting the hang of things!
As to the dungeons, some were created from the pre-loaded maps (I take it you haven't gotten there yet) and some (optional) ones are a little more creative on my part.
I delight in the maze frustration!!! Story-wise it is certainly lacking... just some schmoe looking for work until the final 3-4 quests...

A challenge that I wanted to address was to make a game of length considering the time constraint AND the limitations of the software. There are a few side-missions (giving homeless people money will let you into one, for example) that are, yes, 'fetchy' but in relation to the main chain, rather rewarding...

If you do finish, I look forward to hearing about it!
Ok, so, I picked this up again, but now I'm kind of stuck... I'm currently trying to get the approval of the guild master of Carrin Town, and he sent me to defeat the Evil Lord of the castle to the East. But there are only three places I think I can go at this point and none is to the East. One is a ruined castle to the south, where I can use the Ancient Key. The other is south-east; a lava dungeon with numbered rooms. And North-west there is a castle ruled by a Vampire.

But here's the problem. In the first dungeon there's a nifty rifle in the very last room, but I can't get out of that room. In the second dungeon I eventually got teleported into a pot and couldn't go further. And in the last dungeon, even if I defeat the vampire, the guild master of Carrin Town still won't give me his approval. =/
Volcano dungeon - it's a maze. There are numbers in the flooring that tell you how far you have come (there are 10 total).

The Dungeon with the rifle is just that. You should be able to go back out the way you came.

The vampire castle is the place to go. Traditionally, vampires are pretty resilient and retreat back to their coffin when you defeat them initially... so look in the basement (also don't miss your 6th character who is trapped in there somewhere! the fifth one is in Namek Town, and you may have to pay them to come along with you, depending on who you got!!)
What I'm saying is that there must be something wrong with the teleport events in those areas because I got stuck...

As for the vampire, yeah. I had checked the coffin before and it said it was empty, so I didn't thought to check back again. Maybe if there was a message that said that the vampire fleed the first time you beat him... Also, I found many more bugs in this part of the game. One: you can trigger the battle on the coffin as many times as you want. Two: The chest that contains the Great Sword doesn't gives you anything. And Three: You can land with your airship atop the castle, which could get you trapped on the island.

Anyway, I just beated the game and It was Ok, I guess. You need to work more on the story, so it takes more precedence throughout the game. And you need to shorten your dungeons, man! Btw, you need a save point in the last dungeon. Going trough that little maze is not fun to do even once, let alone twice, or thrice, or as many times as it takes you to defeat the boss...
thanks for playing..!

yeah i noticed the airship lets you land on any town and then game is doneski...

I wanted to make it as long as I could in the time period given, and due to the limitations it seems to have gotten a bit distended.

My next game is going to be completely different style...
Oh! And the character randomization, to clear any questions, allows for you to have ANY class of main character and then goes on to create a preset party (one of a variety of groupings, depending on your answers). These two functions are unrelated, so it is entirely possible to get two of the same class in your lineup..!
I gave it a try and all was going well i was getting the approvals to enter the guild until i wen't to a desert where i have to find a statue i think this desert oasis seems to be some kind of maze.

But i can't find my way out of it. Any tips for clearing that part of game?

right up left up, I believe... don't miss the murasame sword (boss fight for it) and the toy flute in that area!!
I would want to take the time to play this game properly. However, getting random battles every few seconds or so, going somewhere without direction, or minimal clues does not make the gameplay enjoyable.

If there were clues on how to navigate through that Oasis, I must've missed it.
Um, I think I'm stuck in the game. I can't get out of the desert oasis. (Same problem SuperGamer had.) I followed the right, up, left, up instructions repeatedly, but I can't find anything. No statue, no boss, no flute. I found a couple of chests, but they didn't contain any vital/key items. Anybody got any advice?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts Grammar,glitches,thoughts ect

Title screen is amazing and changes!?

intro skip option gj!

portal opens and releases(releases is more correct actually doesn't even seem to be a official wording)

a male looking sprite for a female o.o

been a while since i actually got to name my character,normally i don't care as long as the names are something really stupid

blue spirit information is wrong

class choice too!? dear peb this is a AWESOME start! but...can it hold?...doubtful very doubtful...

aww...Assassin should have 2 blades as a option not a shield! please fix!
double attacks ftw!

Item tutorial>surprise is wrong
getting worried here a lot of mistakes in a short time!

if cant save with menu need to make a custom one w/o it

in town>finally is wrong

that guy...behind the building....wth...

a weapon place and a training place i cant use dam do i feel ripped off

room name Quarters is wrong! GRAW!

mapping needs work on area size,rooms are overly huge for no reason

the MC's thoughts are cut off(while heading outside)

ranks would mean more if you had a note somewhere you could read when ever you wanted what the ranks were

should seriously allow running...its to slow!

saving looks nice but again inconvenient which is more important,slows game play

green haired girl after colonal(supposed to be Colonell) rank>awkward is wrong

guy in training> Colonell is wrong

evil girl>once is wrong

why the hell do we always play a stupid character!? hes not some badass hero should of ran to warn them not confront her dammit!

Provoke and cover certainly do not belong as assassin skills(i am assuming the skills are different per class as well as weapons and stats?

witch in cave "someone" is wrong

fairy wing description>need to explain that seems stupid and silence(dont need s)

need to because of area access i went to the spring 1st and the dialog made no sense! i guess something happened in town and...
either way you should of tested this!

cant go under save crystal in town

in the weapon shop you can walk over the swords to get behind the counter

more class related stuff needs work,a assassin for example should ONLY be able to equip light armor
not the heavy knight/tank armor, mage stuff is debatable

stand to the right of your captain and talk to him initiates with bartender
^need to fix left side too

after beating guy at spring>maybe is wrong

still cant run!? graw!

you randomly have to talk to the mayor again to continue the game? there nothing that suggested that!

ive seen that chain thing b4 in 1 other game,i cant remember the name tho o could not finish it due to a glitch

after the plant boss>the is wrong
^someone is wrong

when you find out where Kira is maybe is wrong

main character is a bitch he does not understand that you need to use force to get what you need sometimes...


after you defeat the orc/troll boss w/e your characters are invisible!

what about your yeah know...friends??? you just kind of meet this guy on bad terms follow him and ignore your group???

in volcano maybe is wrong AGAIN

top of mount volcanous>until is wrong
stuff you weren't supposed to see story wise
you don't need his fathers pass you can go thru the gate at anytime to the next area

after beating the captain until is wrong

i hate permanent status up items so much...

will have missing files and stuff after you obtain a boat
so that's about it


This game needs A LOT of work it was not rdy for release. so much wrong her that the creator defiantly did not play test or anything they should have done!
a large amount of grammar errors hurt the story
glitches being able to go places you shouldn't
being able to equip gear you shouldn't for your class type
learning skills you shouldn't for your class type
about sums it up
id say it has potential to be a good game but as it is not its not.
with major improvements i wouldn't mind trying this again if all the above issues are fixed
and the game is finished.

tho i personally feel the maker bit off more then he can chew it looks like a huge game on a scale most end of up giving up on :/

i do not recommend this right now

P.N i feel the need to mock people who ask the same question that was already answered,read the posts b4 posting!

I, actually, enjoyed playing the game very much, until... the Vampire Castle.
If I go upstairs, by either staircase, the game freezes. There's nothing else for me to do, I already got approval from 3 Heads of Guild (Kamen, Lindor, Po).
The other castle (Ruined) I don't have the key to go there, tried. So I'm stuck, and unfortunately have to quit, unless the creator provide the solution.

Like I said before, I was enjoying your game, yea the story is lacking, and all the other stuff mentioned in previous postings, but who cares, I loved the game.

So, please, help, so I can continue, and finish the game.
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