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Wandering Brawler once is just a random thought when I'm in the chatting channel (called Chatbox in the forum that I usually there). The idea came from mixture of my original project which is unfinished, several concepts from others in Chatbox, flavored with ideas based on movies I've watched and games I've played. I made this game as basic project for my planned other projects. Also in this project I implement rather complex mechanism mainly in the battle system.

That's the background of Wandering Brawler project.

Wandering Brawler: the game
And about the game itself, Wandering Brawler tells the story about a wanderer surviving day after day in search of his master's last request; to find a new master for himself and gain new skills. Three years of wandering and brawling, the real journey comes when he meets someone who will change his future, hence starts one of the legend in the shattered, shrunken realm of Mediterania. Not only that, the wanderer will find and reveal things hidden in the realm he steps his foot on...

In Wandering Brawler, you are that wanderer, and your journey to find your master which lies in the hidden village of Corona awaits. You'll find numerous but not entire of the realm's richness, various characters you'll encounter, dangers and traps till you reach the hidden village of Corona.

You are the lone drunken wanderer who in search of the hidden village of Corona, as your master's last request. Find the way to the Corona, through many things that interesting throughout the Westerland, a part of shrunken realm of Mediterania.

Scene #1: Lunkerstone
You meet with some awesome people which is distinctive and never seen in Westerland after the Magic War. Set in Lunkerstone, mountain range that divides Westerland and Northrend, you'll walk through the vast sea of forest and encounter wilderness at daylight or moonlight. Prepare yourself to having a party consists of skillful fighters and make way to the capital city of Westerland!

Latest Blog

Several minor bugs fixes...

Yes, I forgot to fix them.
There are some fatal bugs that fixed in the latest version. Just make sure you download the game after 10th download count :D
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  • richter_h
  • RPG Maker VX
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  • 02/17/2013 08:07 AM
  • 12/07/2014 07:08 AM
  • 01/15/2013
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lol good luck..
yay first comment

Already posted?
Well, I'll wait for Scene #2!
Devil's in the details
Hey, I've played this a bit and I gotta say this feels pretty decent and generally well polished. I like the flow and battle ideas are cool, though the dialogue seems to wander around a bit at times.

I'm at the very beginning however, but you've caught my curiosity!
Hey, I've played this a bit and I gotta say this feels pretty decent and generally well polished. I like the flow and battle ideas are cool, though the dialogue seems to wander around a bit at times.

I'm at the very beginning however, but you've caught my curiosity!

And well, I made the dialogue a bit deviated, according to the main character's personality :P
I played up to the first boss battle and then lost. I couldn't find anymore save statues after the first one so I was never able to save. Suffice to say, I don't want to do all that again, but it was pretty interesting regardless. Nice battle system. :>
author=Skie Fortress
I played up to the first boss battle and then lost. I couldn't find anymore save statues after the first one so I was never able to save. Suffice to say, I don't want to do all that again, but it was pretty interesting regardless. Nice battle system. :>

Well, thanks :)
Anyway, players must be a little bit used to the battle system; enemies will do slightly more damage than actors, and that's why the Timed-Hit system there.
The Pest Riddance (aka tutorial) scene is the place where players could grasp the system ;)

For the statues, it's scattered ONLY in towns like Pinewood, Jova, and later Soncera, Rockland (also in some sites like Dragon Cave). It's a matter of life and death once you're leaving the town :p

And by the way, did you try D.Haze (Vent's Natural Skill) and Smash (the blue-haired girl's Natural skill)? That might save some HPs if you use them even sparingly :p
I didn't see a statue in Jova though? Unless I failed to look hard enough. Oh well, I think I'll give it another go and see if I can't find a place to save.

I will say though that you should make saving points more obvious. A glow, an arrow, some sort of indicator would do. Anything really. I get that saving isn't available out in the field. That's just one design decision that's been done before, even if I don't particularly agree with it, it's still viable.

Edit: Phew, found it in Jova. Wow it was staring me right in the face and I totally missed it. I'd definitely do something to make it stand out though.

- Also, the encounter rate is pretty high, enemies hit really hard, and the EXP gain is really low for the asskicking you're taking. Which is making this a slow grind. I don't know if that's what you intended, but it's not very entertaining in my opinion.

- Does poison not go away after a while? It seems kind of unforgiving to let it continually drain character's HP down to 1 with no chance of recovery outside of inns.

- Money seems to be pretty tight as well. Am I supposed to be making it some other way? Because all I've been able to do is sell random monster loot, which isn't getting me much. I can barely afford healing items as it is, let alone equipment now.

- Is it impossible to escape battles? Because every single time I've tried, I've failed. If it's not possible, you may as well get rid of the option instead of getting player's hopes up. And if it is possible, the chances should be raised. Personally, I'd just make it 100% possible all the time, but hey.

- Noticed a bug, if you talk to Ryuna after telling her to stay there in Master's House, a message box with a messed up name shows up. Might want fix that.

- Still can't beat that boss. Lack of resources, screwed up timing, and the amount of sheer damage they do. I tried using their natural skills and Ryuna's is actually pretty useful, I can see how it would be used to buy time, but it's not enough to mitigate the ridiculous damage enemies do. Plus the frustration of having to go through a string of frequent random battles to slog through the events leading up to it makes for an exercise in irritation.

Sorry to say, but I don't think I'll be playing more. Which is a shame because I WANT to enjoy it, but I just can't. It's definitely an interesting game though and the concept has loads of potential, but in it's current form, it's really unforgiving and almost completely inaccessible. Even on normal.

I honestly think you should ease up on the difficulty of timed hits, increase the windows of opportunity to defend and attack, lower damage taken from enemies, and definitely provide more resources(money mainly, since that can buy everything else). After all, it's better to err on the side of ease, than on the side of frustration. I'm not saying make it piss easy, but definitely give the player more tools to work with here.

On other points, I think the writing could use some work as well. Vent really meanders on and on and it comes off as really awkward at times. Overall the writing is pretty stilted and reads weird all around. But as I understand, english may not be your first language. In any case, if anything I would enlist some help for that.

Anywho, good luck on your project and I hope it continues to evolve!
About the save point, one of the testers had suggested the same; some kind of pointer that notifies player about the save point. Till now, I haven't implemented it yet. Sorry if that was bugging you...

Which difficulty level do you chose after intro scene? Note that above Normal/Adept level is a tight challenge to beat the game.
The EXP curve and stats between characters and enemies have been revamped since 1.01, and compared to the current version, the current one has more balanced curves.

For Poison state, mainly that from the Weeds, it can't be vanished after battle and you must stock some Antidotes to cure the poison. I've noted down about that Poison state must be vanished in some steps, but it hasn't been implemented yet.

Escaping battle is possible. To escape battle, press X when you choosing command, the the new menu (that consists of Defend and Escape) will be appeared. It's explained in Tutorial scene, by the way.

Ryuna, as you might know, is a versatile character;
- She has potent stuns, armor reduction, and additional damage based on HP.
- She has attack and skills that have Magic damages
- She CAN HEAL ALL PARTY by equipping Freia (necklace Relic, brought from the beginning), but in slight amount (up to 30 HP)
You might want to use Ryuna as healer instead of damage-dealer and you can rely Vent to dish out enemies :p

For the dialogues, I've consulted to some people who know English better. Sometimes, I misspelled some of words and even have ruined the storyline, but thanks to them the dialogues has been mended up (compared to the 1.01 that has been released here days ago).

And yes, I need support for the dialogues since I have few experiences in writing long dialogues and narrations.

Many thanks for the feedback, because I need it to improve Wandering Brawler which is a project pioneer for other projects to be a much better--and acceptable, worth to play game. :D
Hi, Devs. Firstly, I don't know RPG Maker VX tileset can low like this? I mean, that is one half tall, right?
Secondly, I don't know how to say it nice, but the title said wandering, and I should be a wanderer, a wanderer should be careless about anything. But in this game, I got so many text, I mean, why don't you just make the story of Ryuna (when the two inside the tavern) into a cutscene? not the wall of text, or divide it into plot just like you tell the story about Vent?
Third, when the next chapter will be released? Or you were abandoned this?
Ah, thanks for your concern. Let me answer your questions, then.
1. It's custom tileset as in The Cartographer game. I made the walls to be one and a half height, as it fits well with charsets rather than one or two tiles high.

2. It was a misdirection. Vent is a wanderer, but he's too talkative for a mere wanderer. Looks like I must rewrite the storyline as its main story isn't about Ryuna; it's about the drunken wanderer himself.

3. Wandering Brawler now is suspended, as I'm in charge of Eremidia: Dungeon! development for now. Eremidia: Dungeon! uses the core system of Wandering Brawler, and both Vent and Ryuna are included in that game.
Also, once Eremidia: Dungeon! is fully released, maybe I'll start over this project as some people (including you) demand for the sequel of this game.

Once again, thank you for your feedback.
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