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Several minor bugs fixes...

Yes, I forgot to fix them.
There are some fatal bugs that fixed in the latest version. Just make sure you download the game after 10th download count :D


Wandering Brawler v1.1 is up!

Yes, it's up and currently in stable version.
There are added features and reworks, however it's still contains Scene #1. Scene #2 will be developed soon and estimated in June or July, the Scene #2 will be up.

And, The Facebook Page of Westerland Story is up as well. Updates and stuffs will be updated there.

Visit and don't forget to like Westerland Story ;)


Download Link unavailable

That's because I'm preparing for Wandering Brawler v1.1, which has more features and makeover.
The last video tells some of the features.
Well, sorry for this inconvenience, and stay tuned till the testing phase is finished :)

Progress Report

UPDATE: Dialogue System

Well, this is just the result in my spare time...

Introducing the "Dynamic NPC" system which will make NPCs talk first when player approaches. I brought this from The Elder Scroll, which NPCs will notice the player and act several things but mostly saying hello to player.

And with this, the NPCs won't be introvert :p

This implementation will be added in next release, though.

Here is the screenshots in development phase.



"There is no perfect art." - wltr3565

Well, I got many messages and feedbacks from friends of mine. They marked many mistakes I've done in Wandering Brawler, and there are some glitches that shouldn't be exist.

As result, I send them a test bed to make sure there is neither glitches nor bugs in next release. Also, I packed some of fixes that may relieve some of known glitches.

Meanwhile, I continue to develop Wandering Brawler bit every bit, since I got jobs IRL. I'm sorry if you're waiting for the next release ASAP.



I have to tell you...

I realized there is the Save in menu, means the player can save their progress ANYWHERE.

Although this won't be in the change log, I've removed the Save from menu, thus player must save their progress only via Pillar of Pilgrim.
And for those have downloaded Wandering Brawler before this blog posted, enjoy your mobile Pillar of Pilgrim :D

Meanwhile, the progress of Scene #2 and the rest are rolling in slow pace. I must adapt the college' new schedule.


Scene #2 Development

Yup, I'm working in Scene #2 right now. More places, more characters, more enemies, more quests, and probably more challenge!

Also, if you wonder why there is no artwork in the game, that's because I don't add those yet. I'm working in the artworks, too. I have no time and no scanner last month, so I focused on the game rather than the artworks :P

You can see the footage of Scene #2 development here.

Also, I just want to say hope you enjoy the game.


The game mechanic?

I just added the Game Mechanic, so if you're interested to the mechanics used in Wandering Brawler, please take a look.
Also, if you have questions, suggestions, comments, or maybe critiques, leave comment on the page :D
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