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Elsa, a Death Knight working in the mainland, returns home to Helena's Kingdom to "save" it from monsters...But all is not as it seems.
For one, the monsters don't attack people; they just make themselves a nuisance. And they will only fight females.
Join Elsa as she sets out to defeat all the monsters on the island and discover what is it that the monsters are planning.

-Made for the VX Ace Lite cook off contest.
-Boss rush gameplay. All enemies are powerful one-time encounters.
-No grinding for items or experience. Each of the four powerful bosses unlocks a new level and items are freely replenished.
-Choose from 10 supporting party members, each with a unique skill set and mechanics.
-3 different endings and various new game unlockables..
-Humorous characters and lighthearted storyline.
-Complete game takes around two hours (Seeing only one ending. You mileage may also vary).
-Online achievements.
-This game is part of the Arum universe.

The game was made in a two week deadline for the VC Ace Lite cook off contest.
Being made within the Lite limitations, there were a lot of things we could not pull off smoothly, because there is no script support, only ten events per map, twenty maps total, and a bunch of other stuff.
Please keep that in mind when playing, since many of the things that may come to mind as odd gameplay choices are not us, but Lite being a complete evil bastard XD
Update! The recent version has been revamped a bit and we removed the ace limitations (as well as adding a few extras) so that's taken care of. Enjoy ;3

Lastly: please, please give us your feedback!
What bosses did you find harder? What was your best team? Did you get all the endings? And if so, which was your favourite?
(When talking about endings or plot events, please put the text within a spoiler and put a warning before it. They’re supposed to be a surprise ;3)

Latest Blog

The Grumpy Knight Rerelease

Very big update, let me give you the change log first:
New Features
  • Added a difficulty feature, the old difficulty is now Normal mode
  • The new boss is unaffected by difficulty
  • Dash toggle, no longer need to hold down Shift or equivilent
  • Added online achievements and character usage statistics

Character/Skill Changes
  • 1 new playable character, he can be recruited after you've recruited the Princess
  • Outside of battle summon bulter will restock all items fully.
  • Skills are now disabled when unusable rather than hidden
  • Elsa's rune system has been reworked
  • All runes now take 2 turns to recharge individually rather than collectively
  • E.g. Elsa has 4 Ice Runes, she uses Ice Cannon leaving her with 0. In 2 turns she will get them all
  • Blood Fountain's healing has been reduced from 100% to 60%
  • The quantities of runes on Elsa's weapons have been changed.
  • Elsa now has 5 rings she can equip to boost the power/effects of her skills.
  • The previous plot ring is now equippable.
  • Ruby's skills are no longer usable if they'll have no effect
  • Evvy's thorns can now kill enemies
  • When Evvy has a tree planted the healing bonus has been increased by 10 to 30
  • Garron's Barkspawn's passive chance has been increased to 10% (from 5%)
  • Argos's skills have been re-envisioned while sticking to the Healing Tank concept.
  • Elias's Phantom Blow skill now uses MAG instead of ATK

Boss Changes
  • Mumi now heals at the correct frequency
  • Trap chest fight is capped at 7 turns

New Game Unlockables
  • After seeing the intro once you will be given the option to skip it in future playthroughs
  • Completing the game once will let you remove Elsa from the battle party
  • Completing the game will let you start with the Shadow Scythe
  • Beating the new super boss will let you start with the ring of Death
  • Completing the game with the true ending unlocks the option to start at level 4.
  • Completing the game with the joke ending unlocks a mysterious new booster.

Minor Changes
  • Sped up animation speed
  • Popups have been changed
  • The shop guard now keeps outdated weapons in stock, you know for completionists.

Bug Fixes
  • Queen now levels you up correctly (again *shakes fist at Indrah*)

Anyway the biggest new feature is the addition of online support. You can find out more at:

If you're interested in the character usage statistic you can find them here:
(though so far they'll be based only off tester data)
  • Completed
  • Fomar0153
  • Scinaya (Lovely Artist)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 02/18/2013 01:04 AM
  • 06/16/2019 09:45 AM
  • 02/17/2013
  • 172535
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I crash every time after I defeat the 3 Shadow Siblings, the first turn with Ouma it crashes with:

"Script 'Scene_Battle' line 584: NoMethodError occurred.

undefined method `make_targets' for nil:NilClass"

I'm using Evvy, Carmen, and Argos.
I don't think this is the kind of game that usually wins Misaos (since it's short and stuff) but I figured I'd nominate it for a few. It has my vote for best of 2013 probably.
I keep having the same crashing issue TheQuake has, any way to solve it?
error 404: user title not found
Sorry must have missed this given the hundreds of notices about the contest.

Do you remember who you were using as I'm having trouble finding the cause?
Thit surely is a fan game! I also have problems with the dialogues, i 'll try deleting the files before i play it again so i can enjoy the conversations and not trying to fill them up :P
Otherwise i liked everything but i think you could put some more enemies between the bosses.
Also is there a reward for cleaning up the castle?i mean there should be something unless i missed it...

I have the true ending so far, my dinamic quartet was Elsa-Ruby or Tira misu-Garron-Evvy. The only boss i found a bit difficult was the first one as soon as i learned the attacks and all i finished the others easily.
The one that is really hard to pass is the one that has the ring of immortality couldn't take it . I will try again in the new game :P
A fan game...? Fan game of what? :x
I'm not sure what you mean with the dialogs...do you mean the font? Have you tried using the new re-realese version? (that one is not made in Lite so it shouldn't have those problems).

The ring of immortality is a troll (you can tell because Fomi came up with it XD). You can't keep it, period. You must return it.
I think (I could be remembering wrong) killing all 17 enemeies has the queen give you a spcial item that triggers something~

As for difficulty and number of enemies: I agree. It's a pity but we can'd do anythign about that now. We're way too busy with our new projects to keep tinkering with old ones, sadly ;-; Still, we can learn from our mistakes >(
The monsters which attack only females? Sounds funny, and the title is really interesting. I must try this out.
Heya, just wanted to say thank you for creating this game! It's been a blast to play, with the dialogue making me smile and the fights and party system challenging me to think through what character combinations can do. I ended up playing with Elias, Victoria (or is it Diana?) and Evvy, who together allowed me to set up a constant flow of damage and healing that continued even if my characters were disabled. This got me through all further boss fights without failing, though that was normal difficulty. I should try hard next :).

Anyway, your work is much appreciated, and inspiring to boot. I liked the graphics, the characters, the writing, the maps, the combat system (though the text flows so fast I can't always follow it), the moves and how they work together, the music; all of it really :P. Looking forward to discover more gems like this!
This game is absolutely adorable, and genuinely funny. That's no easy feat to accomplish! I applaud your writing skills!
You guys are just so awesome! I am completely intrigued by your works... Now I can't choose at all which game of yours I like the most.

My fav characters were definitely Elsa and Alan. And then there were two surprises. Yup - Ruby and Victoria! Normally I don't go for characters like that but these two just worked for me. Victoria is a boss! I thought she would be barely useful and then she just- rocked! She is the best one along with Elsa. Alan is a pure tank while Ruby has great offensive abilities along with healing ones. My main team was Elsa - Alan - Ruby - Victoria for most part but I also loved that cook (Most original concept ever! Combining explosives and food xD) Evvy was also very useful.

I have only special end so far. I like Alan x Elsa more so thought it would go in that direction but it doesn't like seem like it will be like that... :/ That was the only down point imo, ofcourse it's a biased opinion.

Another 10/10

Btw if you don't mind, can you tell me what happens in the normal end? I am going for the true end now that I am done with special end.

EDIT - Actually nevermind, I was able to get both normal and true end in a single playthrough with a bit of saving and loading :)

And wow, what an experience it was! You managed to make that pairing work when I wasn't up for it at all. True end = best end! I wish, there was more about their romance but... I guess, that leaves for a possible-change-of-heart-oh-pretty-please sequel? :P

It was a flawless game for me. Once again, your dialogue really shone. Just plain awesome!
What a fun game! It was so cute, and the dialogue was hilarious. I got the true and special endings so far. I really liked the true ending, but the special ending was hilarious.
I was playing the game whilst reading this forumish page and I found an issue. While playing if you are in a menu and click to a different tab you break the back button. I can't leave the items menu now because I click to the forum for help on the boss Mumi. Either way if there is a way to fix this for the future, I figured you might know.

EDIT: The second I posted this and click back onto the game it unpaused and went back to normal. My bad.

EDIT 2: Now the entire menu button is broken. Oops.

So many EDITS!

EDIT 3: I have to click away and back to open the menu now. So clicking starts my menu I guess.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
@AlexBrown: What you describe is an issue not exclusive to this game. It can sometimes occur in any RPG Maker game. You can normally fix it by pressing the NumLock button on your keyboard a few times.
@AlexBrown: What you describe is an issue not exclusive to this game. It can sometimes occur in any RPG Maker game. You can normally fix it by pressing the NumLock button on your keyboard a few times.

Thank you sir. That help a lot. Have a good day ven.
While fighting I used Polpulpil's (Princesses's) move protect the princess and it said Diana sits next to (the enemy) Moumi Instead of the name I chose. Just figured this information might be interesting.
This game is really fun and beautiful. I never expected to like it so much. The characters are lovely and the story unique. I've got 2 endings, but I'm having trouble with the special one. Hints please? even if there are spoilers.
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Investigate the kitchen at night, make sure to sleep after every major boss (I wish we'd made it mandatory). You should find a strange vegetable enemy the 2nd time and then a large group fight after that. You meet the criteria for the joke ending when you beat the large group.

Glad you're enjoying yourself, enjoy the ending!
I'm having trouble beating the little guy. Is there a special technique for it?
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He has 800HP and fully heals himself every four turns. He also if I remember correctly fully heals the first turn but he's quite fast, so it might be before you get your moves in.

Just get your heaviest hitters on the job and make sure they do all their biggest attacks together.